The Spark Grand Opening at Solent

Solent Southampton University opened their new project, ‘The Spark’, with Prosecco and canapés to their guests before showing us into the seating area and the sculpture itself. My plus one and I were at the event with @SouthamptonBloggers and are truly grateful to have been invited to such a perfect evening. We were seated to designated tables, unfortunately we were split from the other lovely bloggers, but the miniature picnic bench filled with starters and fresh bread definitely made up for this factor. (Also not forgetting the endless amounts of wine..)


The Spark itself will be used as lecture rooms and the space around it provides more class rooms and working areas for students to sit independently, with sockets for laptops and USB ports for that low iPhone battery life, because you keep testing out the new Snapchat filters rather than listening to your tutor talking *guilty*. For this evening only, the classrooms were packed with activities and tasty treats! Imagine having a glass of wine in one hand and a pick & mix in the other, I was living the life I tell you! (May also confess that I’m currently chomping on that same bag of Pick & Mix as I type this, but that’s between us). I managed to try Bubble Tea for the first time and am still to make up my mind whether I actually liked it or not, it’s just a bit weird and pointless, I don’t see why you even need squishy balls to pop in your mouth? Dirty minded!


My rosé was soaked up with a gorgeous main course of citrus chicken with an avocado and beetroot salad, followed by a raspberry; vanilla and white chocolate mouse. The food was inspired by their own Summer and Gala Dinner Menu, meaning these delicious meals are available beyond this night. I would like to brag that ‘Gordon Ramsey’ was also enjoying the cuisine and a few seats away from me may I add. He could have gone and helped the chefs!


(Isn’t he just the spitting image?! Wonderful impersonator)

Jarrod, Charlotte and I giggled the entire night away whilst exploring the cocktail bars and chatting about all things Solent related, as we are so thrilled to be involved in such an impressive and outstanding University.


My dress is from a charity shop back in The Midlands called New Life, my gorgeous brown heels are an Asos gem and the mini black bag is Matalan.


Thank you so much for reading.

All my love, Chlo x




In The Frow Charity Event

I took my two lovely ladies to a cat walk show in the middle of April to try and distract us from our endless studies, for one night. We had heard that a handful of our course friends were modelling in the show and would be rocking some seriously stunning clothes, and had further heard that the beautiful Sarah Ashcroft had travelled to Southampton to present the entire evening! I didn’t get my hopes up as I thought that the possibility of actually meeting her was ridiculous, however, we did.. and she was truly the most lovely and genuine person. We chatted as if we were old friends catching up and to see one of your motivations in the flesh is breath taking. I can assure you I was absolutely not fan girling all night .. *rolls eyes in denial*.


The show consisted of collections that were both jewellery and clothing, which was refreshing to see as I’d never witnessed a jewellery show before this. The 2 for 1 cocktails were highly appreciated too, even though I definitely picked the wrong drink (some sort of sour strawberry concoction..). My good friend Safia had the most insane cream liquor, that I happily sipped away at in between the free Prosecco and nibbles of popcorn from the goody bag.


My favourite collection was from a talented young designer named Mimi Schofield, with her clothing brand titled appropriately (and very cutely) as Mimi & Bow. On their website you can see the beautiful coats that she sells, with Sarah Ashcroft shining on their home page (and sporting one in the photo below too). I was lusting after these coats throughout the entire show, especially after seeing a friend (HEY BENIE YOU ANGEL) slaying the garment with a body con dress and heels. I never even imagined I would actually win one for my very own that evening. I’m ridiculously grateful to have won the give away, and to have met the designers. The entire event was truly beautiful and honoured to the loveliest family to raise money for both Momentum Charity and CF Trust.


(She actually had to bend down and make herself seem far shorter than she is, because I’m embarrassing small..). I also definitely need to step up my makeup game.. How does she manage that glow?! *heads over to her YouTube channel to watch her tutorials back to back*

Thank you so so much for reading, I know I have been completely MIA for a handful of months but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Keep yourselves safe.

Speak soon,

Chloé x

Daylight Photography

For my Photography unit during University, we have been given an assignment based around Bowie – giving a tribute to his memory.

I partnered up with my wonderful friend Molly, and headed to the studios to shoot a daylight styled portrait that was suitable for my chosen publication. Molly also captured some images that I modeled for with i-D in mind for the final production. The feedback we were given from our tutor was taken on board and noted down, ready for our final images to be captured. He went through the angles that we had chosen, admittedly, we didn’t plan this aspect too well as the photos would only be suitable to cover the magazine, and not for a feature inside. Our tutor, Gino, also spoke about the use of colour within the setting and the emphasized structure of my models face through glitter pens. I thought this may have disappointed Gino but he was actually really thrilled with what I had created. (AH Phew..)

These aren’t my final images, but will be going into my research and work book for development analysis and now I can’t wait to put my latest tips and tricks into good use.

Natural shots

Styled Shots

With permission, I have inserted the images that Molly took, as she deserves tonnes of praise. Its very rare to make my face look somewhat acceptable but I’m definitely not afraid to say that she hit the nail right on the head.

chloe & molly0472chloe & molly0446chloe & molly0474chloe & molly0485chloe & molly0495chloe & molly0488chloe & molly0491

Thank you for reading,

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5 Things I’ve learned recently

Living away from home is super tough, and definitely a roller-coaster of emotions but sometimes I like to sit back and reflect on all of the things I’ve learnt since being at University so far. It’s refreshing to do this once in a while because you often don’t give yourself enough credit as a person and the achievements that you are capable of, I know I’m certainly guilty of this!

So here are my five things.

  1. If you’re not happy – change it. This may seem obvious, but you would be surprised as how many people complain about their way of living, yet continue to carry on anyway. This statement can be applied to so many things during Uni life. You don’t like your course? Speak up about it. Bored of waking up to the same setting day in day out? Switch it up! That doesn’t necessarily mean pack up your belongings and move – changing my furniture around and reorganizing my storage always helps me to feel cleansed and ready for a fresh start.
  2. Money can’t buy you happiness. It’s clear that it definitely helps with all the ‘I’d rather do my crying in a Porsche’ kind of thing (which personally I would rather be in my bed wrapped up but each to their own). However, when I get down I typically binge splurge with retail therapy and it kills the sadness for an hour or so, wasn’t really worth wasting my student finance on though.
  3.  The outdoors world is beautiful. I spend far too long lounging around my poking little bedroom that I’ve hardly explored Southampton and what it has to offer. I will typically sit by my window and take gorgeous photo’s of the sun streaming into my room or when it sets later that evening. However, I don’t need to be seeing it through a screen when I have a good pair of eyes that work in excellent condition.
  4. Deadlines come sooner than you think. I have always believed that I work better under pressure, and throughout college have left my work until 2 AM, ready to hand in just a few hours later that day.. University hasn’t been much different for me and my awful habits. The most annoying this is, that I constantly plan over and over throughout the day. I map out schedules of what I want to complete on that night and the minute I enter my accommodation I get crazily distracted and side tracked. Slowly but surely changing this tactic as I learnt from my first semester that sleep is a powerful thing. It got to the point where I was napping for two hours before dinner and staying up from the rest of the day, and working through the night too. Not on.
  5. Finally, I’ve learnt to take time out for myself. A book I’m loving right now is the ‘712 Things To Write About’ from UO (Sale £4), and the title gives everything away. I thought about picking up an adult colouring book, but realised I hate colouring, but love writing.. So this was ideal. I do wish we could light candles in halls, but fairy lights and a hot chocolate still set the mood for a chilled night in. I just cut off from the digital world and focus on what my body needs. I write and write until the words start to look blurry – then it’s time to sleep!

I acted on number three not long after putting this post together, and I managed to take a few pretty photos when I was out walking with my better half.

So that’s everything, I hope to do more of these in the future as it’s always good to look back in a few months – either to be mindful or to pick myself up out of the gutter. If anyone wants more information of Uni life, living away from home or something completely random and off topic, then I have a feedback page that is free to use.

Thank you so much for reading,

All my love. Chlo x