Amsterdam City Break

My partner and I had a spontaneous night clicking away on Booking.Com and within half an hour, we were squealing with excitement for our four-day adventure in the Netherlands (which always reminds me of Never Never Land, oh Peter Pan …).


3AM on Monday the 15th of May,  we were heading to Birmingham Airport (thanks for driving us, stepdad, you’re great!), and I was filled with both excitement and anxiety – it was our first time flying without parents but I trust George with my life, and knew if I kept within an invading hula hoop space from him, I’d be sound as a pound.


On day one, we checked into our beautiful apartment and explored the neighbourhood we were staying in. The streets were filled with quirky, clean cut and exclusive businesses, from coffee shops (none herbal) to fashion design offices that I long to work in and incredible clothing stores that had UO vibe throughout. Each shop we went into, I was taken back by the interior, I wanted to set up camp in every corner of the room, they were incredible.


Later, we landed in the centre of the city to try some crepes, walk along the canals, and obviously see what the Red Light District was about. Erm.. interesting. I haven’t nervously giggled so much in my life, however, I did get a touch defensive when a woman invited G into her pad, like can you not, thank you & goodbye *only joking* … or am i?


Obviously, we have no photos from that experience, and rightly so, a woman was soaked with water and sworn at for snapping the exposed ladies, I ain’t risking that. That night we also brought tickets to the ‘Sex Museum’, which was more educating that I anticipated. I was surprised at the age ranges in the images too, boy that’s one large gap. My Grandad loves the photo of George and I sat on the massive .. structure, think’s it’s hilarious, “three dicks in one photo”.


A recommendation for you, Bagels and Beans was the cutest stop off for breakfast, I wish I could stop thinking about those warm cinnamon bites of carbs, but I can’t. Oh and the fresh orange juice! Most supermarkets in Amsterdam offer a juicing machine, I expected the prices to be extortionate, but I was stand corrected.

The Heineken Brewery is a must! I thought I’d be bored out of my mind, as this was on George’s list of things to see (dur) … but I was pleasantly entertained, and George was full on his and my own tokens for halves. Anne Frank House is an obvious choice of sightseeing, we both came out feeling so grateful and appreciative, also a little spooked out but we did just spend the last hour in a locked away attic. (More interesting than that sounds haha).


I was told by so many people that a canal tour from the water itself was the best way to see Amsterdam, I was also told by those same people to get myself into The Bull Dog but that’s for another story time. An audio was provided on the boat to teach you all there was to know about the city, now I understand why all the houses are leaning to the side!


We took €350, and I spent all of mine, I would have been fine with less if I was clever enough to check the forecast before flying out (stupid move), having to buy shorts and dresses set me back but that’s my own bloody fault. We never got the chance to hire bikes out, but on our next visit, we absolutely will. Lastly, I recommend buying a three-day travel pass once you hit the Airport / Train Station over there, it’s about €26 and was a life saver when our legs couldn’t carry us anymore. I can’t stop thinking about this dreamy little break we shared together, and I’ll count down the days until we step back on a Dutch airline. We will see you soon Amsterdam!


All my love,

Chlo x