Moving Out

Frightening title for a frightening stage of my life!
After months of being adamant I wasn’t going to be able to cope at University, I’m finally coming to terms with the whole situation. Who would have thought it?
If you know me on a personal level, you will know I am extremely family orientated. I was determined to give University a go, a trial if you will, but never saw myself sticking around for more than a few months with my family being three and a half hours away from my residence.
I have been making plenty of purchases within the last four weeks and am still in need of a long list of items but what I have to date will be shown in my next blog post.
My accommodation is also finalised, and I am massively impressed with my study room. I had already visited a block of flats on the open day, but at a separate location that I am now going to be staying in. Therefore a rough guide was given but nothing solid to work with in terms of décor and colour schemes.
I have been updating myself none stop with emails from my University so I don’t miss any important dates or events, keeping myself notified on their social media has been a huge help too. So much so that I am now added into a Facebook group with the girls that will be studying the same course as I. It’s completely mind-settling to actually get to know these lovely ladies before meeting them, and having an insight on how they’re feeling before we all leave our cosy bedrooms at home. We are all in the same boat and I’m truly grateful for being found by these girls and stupidly excited to meet them at Freshers Week! If you’re heading to Uni soon, definitely check their Facebook page (Or taking my experience into consideration, I was found on Twitter just by stating I was going to start studying Fashion Journalism and made sure to tag the University handle too!)
Personally, I’m not certain that I’ll ever be ready to move away from home, but how on earth will I know if I don’t just dive head first into it? On one hand I am absolutely against leaving. I have my laptop booted up and am researching ‘what happens if you drop out of your studies’ and on the other hand, I am making lists of all the places I want to visit once I’m settled; the food I need to buy; organisation tips from other bloggers and endless photos of things I’m still yet to purchase to make my space look homely. But when I think about it overall, three years of my time is not going to matter when I have a lifetime of income and a career I am fully satisfied with that also allows me to challenge and further myself in something I am truly passionate about. Also, what the heck, my phone is with me 24/7 I can just call my parents/grandparents/partner whenever I dam feel. Plus I didn’t spend all of my wages on a car and not visit home?
At first it will be completely daunting and the most lonely place on earth. Just please remember that it will always get better.
This too shall pass.
You’ll learn to love your environment whilst your also learning to meet new people, and juggle your independence with your studies. You’ll learn how quick you can wake up in the morning and dart to your lecture. Be determined in your work and achieve all that you can, be aware what is going on around you but lastly; Have fun out there!
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Binning the Bootea!

Having tried the 14 day Tiny Tea detox March last year, I thought why not treat myself again a year on, experimenting with different brands. 

I researched for days trying to find the most effective detox tea and narrowed my results down to BooTea (14 day detox). With it being stocked in my local Holland and Barrot I instantly thought ‘brilliant! It must be decent if my favorite whole foods shop are claiming it’s a best seller!’ Hm.. Not quite the impression I got afterwards. 
Pros.. It really did give me energy, I felt like I wanted to spend my days outdoors in the sunshine rather than cooped up in bed reading books and blogs, which is a hella’ good sign. I’ve always been one for wasting potentially productive days to John Green (but he’s so worth my time). 
I felt my skin cleared up for a few days, but then my acne came back in full speed all over my body (which is the reason I purchased this teatox in the first place!). It was pleasant to have clear skin for almost a week but towards the end I was greeted by the most painful blemishes.
The taste! Oh man it tastes so good, especially the night time cleanse, was so fresh and nourishing. However to me I would have personally preferred to drink it in the morning because the smell was so refreshing and minty! (I stuck to instructions but was tempted..) 
Cons.. Why in the world has it got such powerful laxative effects! I mean I know it’s kind of a ‘pro’ as all of the toxins are released from your system but it gave you about 5-6 hours to get your day over and done with before needing the toilet   I KNOW TMI BUT A REVIEW IS AN HONEST OPINION I DO APOLOGIZE!
I didn’t feel that one daytime tea, and one nighttime cleanse every other day was doing much to my body other than making me need the toilet too often. I can understand how that might sound contradicting, but I weren’t necessarily phased by that issue, as I expected the laxative effect! I also expected to be less bloated and to finish my teatox with clear skin and possibly lose a few pounds from it all? But I didn’t get any of that! I did follow a healthy meal plan as always with balanced choices and regular exercise (I have been loving Charlotte Crosby’s 3 Minute Belly Blitz ❤️❤️❤️❤️) 

To conclude, I wouldn’t be repurchasing from this company, I was sadly disappointed but my experience with Tiny Tea last year was wonderful and I will make that my go to detox! I noticed less bloated within 48 hours and lost 3 pounds within 4 days! Unfortunately I have my comparison photos on an old phone and am unable to post them online as the old phone is completely *bleep*. My skin cleared up magically after using Tiny Tea and the customer service from their team was delightful after a series of unfortunate events with my delivery. I have known just two others that have had a similar experience to my own based on the Bootea detox and wanted to know your thoughts and feelings if you had tried it! 

Thank you so much for reading,

Chlo x

September Wishlist

In order to prevent me from spending all of my wages all at once (which is extremely difficult to control!) I have to make lists in advance as a guide. 
1. Fitbug – anyone who follows me on any social media or has the disadvantage of knowing me in real life will know that I am completely fascinated by health and well being. I have wanted to be able to track my progress for some time and did keep peeking at the Polar Watches whenever I was in a sports shop but the idea of everyone knowing your achievements (or failures) really kind of put me off. I searched for something that was completely personal and private and only shared if I wanted to share, which is when I found the FitBug! Such a brilliant device that gives you all your information on a App. Smart! The one I have been drooling over is the FitBug Orb and retails at £49.95
2. Colour Me Good Girl Crush – Why would you not want to colour in beautiful women to relive your childhood in a more acceptable way?.. Colour Me Good have a range of colouring books for adults, Kate Moss has an entire book dedicated to her and then we have the book of gingers! Ed Sheeran and Prince Harry? Yes Please! £8.65
3. Shut up and Train Leggings – Not much has to be said for this product, it’s genius and I need it. You can find so many varieties of clothing on but these leggings in particular are my favorite item. The £25.95 price point is a little steep but Nike are just as expensive!
4. Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer in Stella – Most of the outrageous shades that everyone else manages to rock just looks limp and lifeless on me and kind of makes me feel like I should be performing tricks at a Circus, but when I sampled this it was basically love and who am I to decline love? The Apocalips have such a long lasting staying power and the colours are really pigmented. They don’t feel sticky or tacky on your lips and dry without smearing all over your face – BONUS!
5. Lunch Box – Obviously a lunch box is crucial for September time and there’s no need for me the explain the purpose of this being on my Wish List.. And clearly I have to buy Hello Kitty.. Clearly..
6. Chelsea Boots – So obsessed with this trend throughout Autumn and Winter. I am a complete boot lover and think it’s looks so classic and timeless with any outfit! Each year I hunt for the perfect winter boot and I found exactly what I was looking for! Simple gold detail and not too high but definitely not flat to the ground. These were from River Island but I can’t find them on the website <////3
7. London Fashion Week Tickets – Ahhhhh the excitement I would have if I was attending!!!!!
I’m absolutely definitely 100% going next year, try stopping me.
8. Tiny Tea – I had a 28 Day Detox for my birthday (March) and I really enjoyed it, the benefits were incredible, so much energy; my skin cleared up wonderfully; I did actually lose weight through this tea which is hard for some people to believe and it had no laxative side effects. The taste was kind of rank but I sliced up fresh lemon and popped that in and it was miles better! The shipping was a little crazy when I ordered mine and I basically paid £30 for some tea bags.. but they gave me a discount code for my second purchase as I ranted on Twitter haha! Top Tip! However, the shipping to the UK is absolutely free now which is delightfulllllllllll. £20
9. Raw Organic Cacao Powder – This stuff is perfect for baking sweet treats and still being perfectly clean and healthy! Protein balls, peanut butter cups, smoothies.. the list is endless. £6.99