Valentines Look


I hope you are all well, and spending your time with your loved one – not that I believe Valentines Day should be a real thing, but I do love how everyone digs out their pink and red clothing. So cute.

For me, I’m not doing anything other than being a slob with my other half, with plenty of chick flicks and junk food to go through. However, we decided to celebrate on the Saturday instead, with some sight seeing and a shopping trip (some may know I live away from home, so Southampton is a new place for both of us to explore together). With this being said, I was going for a romantic day time look, with comfort and obviously plenty of pink shades.

All details are at the end of the post! 


Jumper – Topshop

Pinafore – New Look

Boots – Topshop

Clutch – Sainsburys

Bracelet – Pandora

Rings – Pandora

Nails – George Matte Finish in Raspberry Forest

Lips – Revlon ColorBurst Lacquer Balm in 125 Flirtatious

Speak to you soon,

Love Chlo x

Primark Haul

I picked up a sale jumper spontaneously to rid the cold weather in the Midlands, and as I’ve been wearing the life out of this colour, why not pick it up in a neutral shade? For £5, I think I bagged a bargain.

The other clothing items shown are just as cheap, and all from Primark too.

Credit to my gorgeous flat mate and newly hired photographer Safia for making me giggle the entire day and being patient with me whilst I dance around in front of the camera!

IMG_4928 editedIMG_4868 editedIMG_4884 editedIMG_4907 editedIMG_4923 editedIMG_4933 edited


Jumper – Primark £5 (Sale)

Trousers – Primark £5 (Sale)

Bag – Lauren by Ralph Lauren, a gift for Christmas

Shoes – Primark, last Year

Watch – Marc Jacobs £280

IMG_5099 editedIMG_5116 editedIMG_4992 editedIMG_5011 editedIMG_5046 editedIMG_4999 editedIMG_5090 edited

Night time

Jumper – Primark £5

Skirt – Primark £8

Boots – Ego Official (Ivy Boots) – £34.99

Clutch – Matalan £8

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy! Speak soon,

Love Chlo x

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The Pointy Patents

With the patent and PVC trend being stubborn this season, there was no denying that I would fall hard and end up purchasing some for myself. Who would have thought Peacocks would be the company to fulfill all of my requirements? I wanted points, I wanted sleek, I also wanted sustainable patent and good quality for a relatively cheap price. With Peacocks accepting ‘Student Discount’, I had the advantage of 10% off my purchase, but with these beauty’s totaling to just £26, you just can’t say no.


This was a complete love affair from the day I locked eyes on these boots, but with Merry Hill shopping center not able to provide my needed size, I cried a little deep inside. I held strong and thought I would be able to grab myself a pair when I headed down to Southampton when my weekend home was over. Again, no luck. A month later, my second trip home came around, and after searching two stores I had my own customer hold label stapled to the bag, sat patiently waiting for me. All mine.


I am still suffering to walk in these for longer than 10 minutes at a time as I underestimated how much patent needed some loving, but plain is pleasure – and all that.


For this particular look, I threw on my black swing dress and dusty pink silk scarf to inject some colour into this outfit. I obviously layered my winter staple on top to keep me protected from the cold. I can’t thank Primark enough for this grey gem. I stuck to skin toned tights to keep my boots a main feature, and to not be drowned in all black. I quickly shoved this bag onto my shoulder as I had convinced myself it would match the shade of my scarf, I was mistaken. I also thought this would be ideal to carry my laptop and notebooks as I had University on this particular day, that was also a mistake. Shoulder pains for days. I then later got home to realise how decayed the bag actually was, not cute.


The Pinafore

Having still being completely besotted with Alexa Chung and everything she has ever worn, there’s no doubt a pinafore would be included in my statement wardrobe pieces.

With the weather dropping, my favourite way to wear this cross back, black short attire is by layering. I stacked on some thick tights, a black throw (which admittedly isn’t visible in any images but let’s pretend) and my trusty grey tailored knee length winter coat.

Being one of many to love the neutral palette trend, I obviously had to chuck on a camel top to fit underneath the pinafore. This is actually a cropped top, but I opted to go a few sizes up as it’s Winter and i’m not about that exposed life.

My Topshop boots from at least 3 years ago are still soldiering on and in good nick too! With the cutout sides and a simple thin leather ankle strap, it brings a feminine balance to the footwear. Breaking that “Chelsea boots are solely for men” rule. These shoes absolutely murdered my feet for the first few weeks, and was adamant I wouldn’t cope too long – now I wouldn’t live without them. Referring back to Alexa Chung, in 2012 she was wearing this exact pair of boots as she was snapped on the high street clutching a mulberry bag and a coffee cup. So, obviously I had to get them? Right?

To finish the look I packed my go to black leather Topshop bag with all of my essentials. Having two compartments enables me to cram all of my junk in to then later convince myself that of course it was worth hefting it around on my shoulder, because you never know when you might need 5 different shades of red lipstick or an entire bottle of Chloé. (I’ll learn one day).


Top – Primark £4

Coat – Primark £25

Pinafore – Topshop £20 (Sale)

Boots – Topshop £70

Watch – Marc Jacobs £260

Thank you for reading, all my love. Chlo x


Vintage Shopping

Spending a day with our little Moletti Bunny is always going to put a smile on my face. We often have a wonder around the little shops in town and end up shooting a photo session in the parks, along with seeing some disgraceful sights.. (Personal joke with Mol, you’d all feel sick if we shared our experience)

For this day, even putting on makeup in my room was making me flustered so I knew a coat wasn’t necessary. A coat will always be a statement to an outfit, so picking clothes that speak for themselves can be tough.

T – Shirt – Primark £2.50
Dungarees – Urban Outfitters £15 (I paid £13.50)
Tights – Primark £3 (for 5 pairs)
Boots – Primark £18
Backpack – New Look £19.99
Bangle – A good luck present from my Aunt ♡

I opted for the grey denim dungarees that I recently purchased from Urban Outfitters, from £56 to £15, THEN a further 10% off for Students.. I know. Thank me later. I was stupidly paranoid about my size, and was so close to changing into an all black from head to toe but I stuck with my guns and actually got complimented a few times too.. *blush*. To try and prevent me from vomiting every time I saw my legs in a reflection, I threw on some thick skin coloured tights to blur out any imperfections and stomped around in my bulky boots.
Sunny 2

Being a cheap and cheerful student, I am forever buying plain Primark T-Shirts (typically men’s, as the looser fit is far more comfortable and easy to layer!) I was evidently feeling maroon, as I kept it consistent throughout my lips and eyeliner too. Through camera I look puffy eye’d and potentially ‘high’, but I can assure you I was not; and this also wasn’t the case up in person!

SunnyFull bodyTunnelFace ShotFace Shot 2

Eyeliner in Berry Wine – MUA £1 
Lipstick in Persian Plum – MUA £1.50 

Full body 2

I always find myself dragging friend’s to the Re:So Shop hidden away in the Marland’s! I think it’s the sickest shop, and everything I love from interior to the actual product being sold. I admire these students for running the business and keeping up with their career, I can definitely see myself working in such a cool place. 

ReSo 1ReSo 2ReSo 3
(My head peeking through the mirror.. Excellent blogging skills)
 ReSo 6ReSo 5
(I am able to access any business cards if interested, there are different sections to the store that belong to different students and their little independent set up’s)

We didn’t end up purchasing anything for ourselves from our stroll around, therefore a haul won’t be included, but I hoped you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it!
Thank You ♡


If you’re feeling that your outfit is a little dull this A/W, adding a holographic bag will provide you with that instant shock of colour through a different approach. Opting for an accessory that changes shades depending on daylight will have you standing out from that crowd, even in a minimalistic outfit.
The mood board down below was designed for a unit called Design Skills, which focuses mainly on magazine layouts and the techniques they use to draw the target audience into the article.
I concentrated on Shopping bags, and after my research, my results concluded that holographic was the trend to be involved in this season.


Final production.

Making a collection is much more complicated than what is first explained to a fashion student. Nobody mentioned the blood (literally), sweat and tears that would stream down our foreheads day in day out. Nobody mentioned that we would be bickering over pointless things and snap at one another for no reason. But nobody also mentioned that all of that contributed into the most solid friendship bonds, and best of all – a stunning collection to show to all at the end of the year!

(We did it girls! And I couldn’t be more proud of us).
Thank you so much to my two lovely models and extremely beautiful colleagues that I get to see more than enough! And thank you to my boyfriend for putting up with my break downs and panics, and supporting me through it. Lastly, thank you to my Grandad for being a part of it all. I do it all for you; and only to make you proud. Love you.

I am completely and utterly heartbroken that I’ve completed my College Course but University is my next stop, and I’m not going to stop until I am Alexa Chung.




September Wishlist

In order to prevent me from spending all of my wages all at once (which is extremely difficult to control!) I have to make lists in advance as a guide. 
1. Fitbug – anyone who follows me on any social media or has the disadvantage of knowing me in real life will know that I am completely fascinated by health and well being. I have wanted to be able to track my progress for some time and did keep peeking at the Polar Watches whenever I was in a sports shop but the idea of everyone knowing your achievements (or failures) really kind of put me off. I searched for something that was completely personal and private and only shared if I wanted to share, which is when I found the FitBug! Such a brilliant device that gives you all your information on a App. Smart! The one I have been drooling over is the FitBug Orb and retails at £49.95
2. Colour Me Good Girl Crush – Why would you not want to colour in beautiful women to relive your childhood in a more acceptable way?.. Colour Me Good have a range of colouring books for adults, Kate Moss has an entire book dedicated to her and then we have the book of gingers! Ed Sheeran and Prince Harry? Yes Please! £8.65
3. Shut up and Train Leggings – Not much has to be said for this product, it’s genius and I need it. You can find so many varieties of clothing on but these leggings in particular are my favorite item. The £25.95 price point is a little steep but Nike are just as expensive!
4. Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer in Stella – Most of the outrageous shades that everyone else manages to rock just looks limp and lifeless on me and kind of makes me feel like I should be performing tricks at a Circus, but when I sampled this it was basically love and who am I to decline love? The Apocalips have such a long lasting staying power and the colours are really pigmented. They don’t feel sticky or tacky on your lips and dry without smearing all over your face – BONUS!
5. Lunch Box – Obviously a lunch box is crucial for September time and there’s no need for me the explain the purpose of this being on my Wish List.. And clearly I have to buy Hello Kitty.. Clearly..
6. Chelsea Boots – So obsessed with this trend throughout Autumn and Winter. I am a complete boot lover and think it’s looks so classic and timeless with any outfit! Each year I hunt for the perfect winter boot and I found exactly what I was looking for! Simple gold detail and not too high but definitely not flat to the ground. These were from River Island but I can’t find them on the website <////3
7. London Fashion Week Tickets – Ahhhhh the excitement I would have if I was attending!!!!!
I’m absolutely definitely 100% going next year, try stopping me.
8. Tiny Tea – I had a 28 Day Detox for my birthday (March) and I really enjoyed it, the benefits were incredible, so much energy; my skin cleared up wonderfully; I did actually lose weight through this tea which is hard for some people to believe and it had no laxative side effects. The taste was kind of rank but I sliced up fresh lemon and popped that in and it was miles better! The shipping was a little crazy when I ordered mine and I basically paid £30 for some tea bags.. but they gave me a discount code for my second purchase as I ranted on Twitter haha! Top Tip! However, the shipping to the UK is absolutely free now which is delightfulllllllllll. £20
9. Raw Organic Cacao Powder – This stuff is perfect for baking sweet treats and still being perfectly clean and healthy! Protein balls, peanut butter cups, smoothies.. the list is endless. £6.99