The Pinafore

Having still being completely besotted with Alexa Chung and everything she has ever worn, there’s no doubt a pinafore would be included in my statement wardrobe pieces.

With the weather dropping, my favourite way to wear this cross back, black short attire is by layering. I stacked on some thick tights, a black throw (which admittedly isn’t visible in any images but let’s pretend) and my trusty grey tailored knee length winter coat.

Being one of many to love the neutral palette trend, I obviously had to chuck on a camel top to fit underneath the pinafore. This is actually a cropped top, but I opted to go a few sizes up as it’s Winter and i’m not about that exposed life.

My Topshop boots from at least 3 years ago are still soldiering on and in good nick too! With the cutout sides and a simple thin leather ankle strap, it brings a feminine balance to the footwear. Breaking that “Chelsea boots are solely for men” rule. These shoes absolutely murdered my feet for the first few weeks, and was adamant I wouldn’t cope too long – now I wouldn’t live without them. Referring back to Alexa Chung, in 2012 she was wearing this exact pair of boots as she was snapped on the high street clutching a mulberry bag and a coffee cup. So, obviously I had to get them? Right?

To finish the look I packed my go to black leather Topshop bag with all of my essentials. Having two compartments enables me to cram all of my junk in to then later convince myself that of course it was worth hefting it around on my shoulder, because you never know when you might need 5 different shades of red lipstick or an entire bottle of Chloé. (I’ll learn one day).


Top – Primark £4

Coat – Primark £25

Pinafore – Topshop £20 (Sale)

Boots – Topshop £70

Watch – Marc Jacobs £260

Thank you for reading, all my love. Chlo x



Having tried a heap load of facial products and getting little to no where with my skin clearing up, I decided to do some research. What’s better than to head to the blogging community to get the best beauty advice?

I was recommended to take a trip to Lush by a handful of lovely viewers and I haven’t looked back since.

image2 [271988]

£6.95 & Vegan

On that trip, I did bombard to poor employee with a book full of questions as I didn’t want to spend nearly £10 on a product that would only be wasting my time. The young lady pointed me in the direction of a pot full of green gritty scrub that smelled like grass and I just stood still for a moment because I thought she was having me on. However, she was incredibly co-operative and offered me a few sample pots to get me by for a couple of weeks to give me time to decide.


I came back in just 6 days to purchase the full size as it cleared my skin up almost immediately. I haven’t used a product quite so odd or as miracle working to this day. I’m aware a chunk of my viewers are a young audience and heading through the stresses high school, worrying about everything from your drop-dead-gorgeous crush to the horrid zit on your forehead. I got you!

image3 [271989]

With Herbalism, you take a small pea sized amount of product from the pot and drip some water on top to then mix into a paste. Slathering a thin layer onto your face evenly, to then take it back off with a clean flannel. A little really does go a long way but consider the use by date as the label gives appropriately two months.

image7 [271993]image5 [271991]

The scent is exactly what it says on the tub, herbal. Which bothered me for all of 2 days, and now it’s a comforting smell to me. (My new best friend)

I wasn’t going to write a review on this product because

1. I don’t own any before and after images

2. If I did, I would be reluctant to post the before image, however helpful it may be, as my skin is a huge insecurity of mine

3. This review is already out on the web

So why am I sat here typing this up? Recently I headed home for the weekend and was all out of my go to, so I ended up picking up the Nuage Skin Facial Scrub for just £0.99. Cheap, but certainly not cheerful. Half of my face broke out the morning after and from then I just knew I had found my Holy grail item. My skin craves the natural ingredients that are packed into this little black pot, and as I dig my way through my third tub, I’ll be singing my praises to Lush.

Chloe ♥ Herbalism.

image8 [271994]

Christmas Wishlist

After some serious digging over around a 6 month period, I have managed to narrow it down to 8 (potentially  OTT) gifts that I would like to either treat myself to/receive from family members. I just want to throw a disclaimer in here and clarify that this isn’t me ‘begging’ ‘bragging’ ‘hinting’ for presents, it’s just an online Wishlist for the viewers that requested it.

First off, if Santa would like to drop down a Sony A5000 Compact Camera down my chimney then that would be fantastic.. preferably white to match my laptop and printer. This is something I am personally saving up for, as I know the quality will do wonders for my blog and will encourage me to snap more photographs. The idea behind this is that you have all the features a DSLR can offer, but in a smaller and more portable version. You are able to change the lenses to create the effect you’re after and I know InTheFrow is a huge fan too.


Secondly, I have been trying to find different ways to express my creativity and haven’t succeeded until now. I am not a brilliant hands free drawer and have always loved the extra help that digital illustration software’s gave me. So stumbling across the Intuos Draw Pen Tablet was everything that I needed to bring my ideas to life. For the product, the price tag is such a steal. I expected to pay at least £150, but for just £54.99 I was singing my praises.


Every girl loves a set of underwear to be waiting under the Christmas tree. For me, a red or even sparkling glitter pair of CK’s would be beautiful.


The trend I have been lusting over recently is the over the knee boot. Kourtney Kardashian set it straight for me, and from then I have been dreaming of the Stuart Weitzman Highland boots in grey suede for days (literal dreams I’m not kidding). However, some of us poor student folk can’t afford the £650, so I managed to find an exact dupe from Public Desire for £39.99. Thank me later.


Spontaneous shopping trips with my Mum are always a favourite of mine. After walking in TK Max, I expected to find nothing but a few Nars lipsticks. Boy. I. Was. Wrong. The most perfect Lauren by Ralph Lauren bag was perched waiting for me. All cream and gold detail. Such a classic statement piece that would chic any outfit.

lauren by raplh

I spent the recent weekend back home, and did nothing but slouch around in my mum’s clothes (of course I didn’t underpack..). I couldn’t help but fall in love with the fragrance she had drenched on every item she owned. Either i’ll purchase Gaultier 2 for myself or keep pinching hers, I’ve not yet decided.

As a keen blogger, I would love to purchase my own domain soon. But with Christmas, a house deposit and a whole pile of payments coming out of my bank account – a domain is not top of the list right now.

The final item on my Wishlist is a black patent crocodile skin laptop sleeve. Mouthful, and breath. Simply because I am sick of a bright blue case ruining every outfit whilst it dangles from my shoulder. A simple sleeve can be slotted into my bag and that’s the end of it.


I promise I’ve been completing all of my Uni work and eating all of my fruit and veg, Santa.

Thank you for reading!

Tweet me at @Ch1oeleigh telling me what is on the top of your Christmas list this year.

Thinking I’m a Model

IMG_1351IMG_1353 IMG_1356IMG_1357 IMG_1359IMG_1360
In the first few weeks of University, we were introduced to a Photography session by a lovely man named Gino! This was just a taster of what we will be taught in January, and I am way too excited for it to come around. I enjoyed myself far too much and knew I wanted to use the images for blog headers and social media if they turned out okay (I am not photogenic at all). After being pleasantly surprised by the outcome, excluding that dreadful blonde bobble.. ew, I threw them straight into a post to share with you guys.
Behind the scenes looked a little like this..
I had to take the images myself using a Bluetooth controller, following Gino’s instructions – he knew what he wanted from each individual and my photo’s have a clear statement of ‘I think i’m sassy with my leather jacket and heavy watch, but i’m innocent really’ ACCURATE.
If I had the qualities to become a model, I wouldn’t hesitate. I was completely at ease and felt comfortable throughout the process. Roll on January.

Vintage Shopping

Spending a day with our little Moletti Bunny is always going to put a smile on my face. We often have a wonder around the little shops in town and end up shooting a photo session in the parks, along with seeing some disgraceful sights.. (Personal joke with Mol, you’d all feel sick if we shared our experience)

For this day, even putting on makeup in my room was making me flustered so I knew a coat wasn’t necessary. A coat will always be a statement to an outfit, so picking clothes that speak for themselves can be tough.

T – Shirt – Primark £2.50
Dungarees – Urban Outfitters £15 (I paid £13.50)
Tights – Primark £3 (for 5 pairs)
Boots – Primark £18
Backpack – New Look £19.99
Bangle – A good luck present from my Aunt ♡

I opted for the grey denim dungarees that I recently purchased from Urban Outfitters, from £56 to £15, THEN a further 10% off for Students.. I know. Thank me later. I was stupidly paranoid about my size, and was so close to changing into an all black from head to toe but I stuck with my guns and actually got complimented a few times too.. *blush*. To try and prevent me from vomiting every time I saw my legs in a reflection, I threw on some thick skin coloured tights to blur out any imperfections and stomped around in my bulky boots.
Sunny 2

Being a cheap and cheerful student, I am forever buying plain Primark T-Shirts (typically men’s, as the looser fit is far more comfortable and easy to layer!) I was evidently feeling maroon, as I kept it consistent throughout my lips and eyeliner too. Through camera I look puffy eye’d and potentially ‘high’, but I can assure you I was not; and this also wasn’t the case up in person!

SunnyFull bodyTunnelFace ShotFace Shot 2

Eyeliner in Berry Wine – MUA £1 
Lipstick in Persian Plum – MUA £1.50 

Full body 2

I always find myself dragging friend’s to the Re:So Shop hidden away in the Marland’s! I think it’s the sickest shop, and everything I love from interior to the actual product being sold. I admire these students for running the business and keeping up with their career, I can definitely see myself working in such a cool place. 

ReSo 1ReSo 2ReSo 3
(My head peeking through the mirror.. Excellent blogging skills)
 ReSo 6ReSo 5
(I am able to access any business cards if interested, there are different sections to the store that belong to different students and their little independent set up’s)

We didn’t end up purchasing anything for ourselves from our stroll around, therefore a haul won’t be included, but I hoped you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it!
Thank You ♡


If you’re feeling that your outfit is a little dull this A/W, adding a holographic bag will provide you with that instant shock of colour through a different approach. Opting for an accessory that changes shades depending on daylight will have you standing out from that crowd, even in a minimalistic outfit.
The mood board down below was designed for a unit called Design Skills, which focuses mainly on magazine layouts and the techniques they use to draw the target audience into the article.
I concentrated on Shopping bags, and after my research, my results concluded that holographic was the trend to be involved in this season.


Little Life Update

Having coped four weeks away from home, I think i’m content enough to write about my experience of University so far.
If, like me, you’re way too attached to your parents, then of course it’s going to be an absolute roller coaster of a journey but knuckling down on your assignments soon passes the time away.
I haven’t visited home as of yet, and my first trip back will be for my Mum’s birthday in just over a week (Couldn’t be more nervous and excited!). The thought of driving through a three and a half hour journey by myself is eating me alive, but the people waiting at the other end will make up for that con!
I’m also dreading the tears, and emotional talk that will be constant over the long weekend that i’ll be spending in the Midlands. I can imagine it will only make me want to avoid University altogether.
And, of course, those goodbyes! I’ll never be good at those, but you have to do what you have to do.
Think of that degree Chloe; think of that magazine spread that has your name underneath. Reminding myself every day that i’m doing this to better myself and to make my Old’ man proud.
I pushed aside any expectations that I had for Southampton, to prevent disappointment. Having done this, I am way too pleased with the outcome. Living in halls can be a pain up the backside sometimes for obvious reasons, too loud when you need sleep, people not washing up their plates until they run out of places to eat their food from and the friction that can be caused when two people disagree on one thing. But don’t let that fool you! I went to work for just 4.5 hours and already missed my flat mates. I head straight to the door across the corridor from me the minute I feel doubt, or loneliness. I wake up to notes under my door to make me smile, or encourage me to continue in what i’m doing. If it wasn’t for this annoying group of divs, I wouldn’t leave my bed. (Warning – Soppy content throughout).
Food. Garlic Bread. Pasta. Cheese.
Seem’s so typical of a student, but honestly you look forward to eating a bowl of creamy carbs at the end of a days work. Also, going home to your Mum’s home made pie and chips will be so much more appreciated. If you’re reading this Mum, just 8 days and i’ll be expecting to smell pastry! (Thank you & love you in advance).
Nagging my brother for our printer from home for three weeks got tedious in the end. So I took the plunge last night and invested in my own. I am the kind of person that would need to have a talk to myself after spending over £15 on one shopping trip! Budget is my middle name. So after calling up my parents, and grandparents, and even got my flat mates advice, I finally ended up splashing out at 1:20 AM (the printer was only £30 anyway.. Bargain if you were to ask a normal person, or a person not obsessed with saving their dough).
The work load in itself, I do genuinely enjoy. So far I’ve had tasks including magazine spreads; photo shoots (me being the model, AH!); moods boards and blog posts!
I am yet to publish my work onto my blog, and still awaiting on the finalized images from my Photography tutor.

This may seem a doddle, but that’s in-between the major pile of essay questions and research folders that need completing too. I’m sure i’ll end up sick of seeing my laptop screen, but as of now, i’m doing good.
I’ll leave it here, as I have nothing else that springs to mind to update you guys on. I can cover any topics about University in more detail if it is requested. Tweet me – @Ch1oeleigh.
(Whatever doubt I feel, I refuse to give up! One day I will be Alexa Chung..)  ♡

Moving Out

Frightening title for a frightening stage of my life!
After months of being adamant I wasn’t going to be able to cope at University, I’m finally coming to terms with the whole situation. Who would have thought it?
If you know me on a personal level, you will know I am extremely family orientated. I was determined to give University a go, a trial if you will, but never saw myself sticking around for more than a few months with my family being three and a half hours away from my residence.
I have been making plenty of purchases within the last four weeks and am still in need of a long list of items but what I have to date will be shown in my next blog post.
My accommodation is also finalised, and I am massively impressed with my study room. I had already visited a block of flats on the open day, but at a separate location that I am now going to be staying in. Therefore a rough guide was given but nothing solid to work with in terms of décor and colour schemes.
I have been updating myself none stop with emails from my University so I don’t miss any important dates or events, keeping myself notified on their social media has been a huge help too. So much so that I am now added into a Facebook group with the girls that will be studying the same course as I. It’s completely mind-settling to actually get to know these lovely ladies before meeting them, and having an insight on how they’re feeling before we all leave our cosy bedrooms at home. We are all in the same boat and I’m truly grateful for being found by these girls and stupidly excited to meet them at Freshers Week! If you’re heading to Uni soon, definitely check their Facebook page (Or taking my experience into consideration, I was found on Twitter just by stating I was going to start studying Fashion Journalism and made sure to tag the University handle too!)
Personally, I’m not certain that I’ll ever be ready to move away from home, but how on earth will I know if I don’t just dive head first into it? On one hand I am absolutely against leaving. I have my laptop booted up and am researching ‘what happens if you drop out of your studies’ and on the other hand, I am making lists of all the places I want to visit once I’m settled; the food I need to buy; organisation tips from other bloggers and endless photos of things I’m still yet to purchase to make my space look homely. But when I think about it overall, three years of my time is not going to matter when I have a lifetime of income and a career I am fully satisfied with that also allows me to challenge and further myself in something I am truly passionate about. Also, what the heck, my phone is with me 24/7 I can just call my parents/grandparents/partner whenever I dam feel. Plus I didn’t spend all of my wages on a car and not visit home?
At first it will be completely daunting and the most lonely place on earth. Just please remember that it will always get better.
This too shall pass.
You’ll learn to love your environment whilst your also learning to meet new people, and juggle your independence with your studies. You’ll learn how quick you can wake up in the morning and dart to your lecture. Be determined in your work and achieve all that you can, be aware what is going on around you but lastly; Have fun out there!
Tweet me your thoughts and feelings about University.
Twitter – @Chloe_Cordell

Final production.

Making a collection is much more complicated than what is first explained to a fashion student. Nobody mentioned the blood (literally), sweat and tears that would stream down our foreheads day in day out. Nobody mentioned that we would be bickering over pointless things and snap at one another for no reason. But nobody also mentioned that all of that contributed into the most solid friendship bonds, and best of all – a stunning collection to show to all at the end of the year!

(We did it girls! And I couldn’t be more proud of us).
Thank you so much to my two lovely models and extremely beautiful colleagues that I get to see more than enough! And thank you to my boyfriend for putting up with my break downs and panics, and supporting me through it. Lastly, thank you to my Grandad for being a part of it all. I do it all for you; and only to make you proud. Love you.

I am completely and utterly heartbroken that I’ve completed my College Course but University is my next stop, and I’m not going to stop until I am Alexa Chung.