Making me Blush

Have you ever experienced love at first sight? No? Scroll down, my friend.


Eight insanely pigmented blushes in one palette for just £6?! Are you hearing this right now. Revolution do it again with the Golden Sugar launch, and I am falling very hard for this brand over and over (as you’ll soon see on my blog, I have a fair few posts lined up from this company) and I don’t think i’ll stop there.

Personally, blushes aren’t for me, so why did I pick this palette up? It’s so controversial that I can easily get away with using all the shades as highlighters – the pink toned blushes are layered with the oh’ so famous MUA ‘Undressed Me’ highlighter to add a subtle golden sheen but I have been navigating more towards the bronzed shades so far. The lightest shade is purposely for highlighting the face, with champagne veining through the pan; but I find them all to be stunning on the cheek bones.

And then there’s that one single matte brown shade that is so beautiful to contour with. Not to mention, all of these look incredible as eye shadows, with the matte colour in the crease. You have so many various options here, you just can’t go wrong.

Hopefully in the future, I’ll swim the sea of rosy cheeks, but due to an already quite flushed complexion from acne scaring (EW) and just in general crap skin, I’m staying clear for now.


One thing I would prefer from this palette (and it’s only a minor detail in packaging/production), and that’s for the shades to have individual names. It just makes it so much easier when an explanation is needed.

The actual casing for the shadows is very heavy duty, I have dropped this three times and panicked instantly, thinking I had made a shimmery mess, of course I didn’t! The sleek black glossy plastic also holds a large mirror in the lid, super handy.


Let me know what shade is your favourite, and any recommendations that you have from Makeup Revolution as I just need to fill my stash with more from their brand.

Thank you for reading. Speak to you soon,

Love Chlo x

Valentines Look


I hope you are all well, and spending your time with your loved one – not that I believe Valentines Day should be a real thing, but I do love how everyone digs out their pink and red clothing. So cute.

For me, I’m not doing anything other than being a slob with my other half, with plenty of chick flicks and junk food to go through. However, we decided to celebrate on the Saturday instead, with some sight seeing and a shopping trip (some may know I live away from home, so Southampton is a new place for both of us to explore together). With this being said, I was going for a romantic day time look, with comfort and obviously plenty of pink shades.

All details are at the end of the post! 


Jumper – Topshop

Pinafore – New Look

Boots – Topshop

Clutch – Sainsburys

Bracelet – Pandora

Rings – Pandora

Nails – George Matte Finish in Raspberry Forest

Lips – Revlon ColorBurst Lacquer Balm in 125 Flirtatious

Speak to you soon,

Love Chlo x

Everyday Face

IMG_4621. editedIMG_4623. edited furtherIMG_4624. edited

I’m a firm believer in consistency, and if something is efficient – why change it? Some of these products however, were trials for reviews but I’ll clear that up below.

Foundation – Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour £7.99

I’m very much a full coverage chick, and with this beauty I certainly received that. I’m in the shade 100 Ivory and it’s the perfect match! I’m always so stressed with shades in the drug store, because what if it’s completely wrong?! I’ve already repurchased this product twice and will continue to do so, I had no breakouts or creases throughout the day and the lasting strength is definitely up there with the high ends, but for the 25 hours I’m unable to comment on. The texture is rich but not suffocating, and goes on beautifully with a damp Beauty Blender.

Concealer – Collection Lasting Perfection £4.19

I will rave and dance and sing all day about this concealer (much like every other Bblogger..) and with my 7th tube down, I’m due to repurchase another soon. A really blendable, full coverage concealer that is suitable for all skin types. My shade is in Light 1 and could’t be more accurate for my colouring. I have yet to find a concealer that beats this one, but i’m open for recommendations.

Powder – Rimmel Stay Matte £3.99

I’ve dabbled in and out of pressed powders like there’s no tomorrow, but always end up running back to this bad boy. Super light weight and no sign of ‘cakiness’. I pick this up in Transparent 001 to apply little to no colour, but the variety of options are semi decent for this brand. Overall, a truly excellent (and holy grail) makeup staple. My only concern is the packaging, I refuse to now take these on nights out and just deal with blotting my face throughout the night rather than hoovering my bag out the next day..

Contour – Collection Contour Kit £4.19

Currently £2.99 over at Superdrug

Having already featured this in another post, Berry Wine. Therefore, I won’t waffle on other than to say ..

Collection I ♥ You!

Highlight – MUA Undress your Skin £3.00

Another truly loved product that hasn’t left my side (or my blog posts) and will never be missed out from my makeup routine.. like ever.. Such a gorgeous glow to the cheek bones, and instantly illuminates your face and finishes off the entire look. I get complimented on this highlight continuously, and you’re literally paying pennies for this product.

Bronzer – No.7 Perfectly Bronzed Dual Bronzer

My No.7, when opened, can be described as very loved.. as I’m scrimping and scraping for the last pigments to swish around my face. Apparently I have to buy a new one *rolls eyes*. This product gives a super natural holiday sun-kissed glow to my temples, neck and hollows of my cheeks. If I skipped this step, I’d definitely resemble a Zombie for sure. The texture of the powder is soft and quite cream based, so if you apply too much it’s easily blended.

Primer – Rimmel Stay Matte Primer £5.99

Not long after photographing these images, I made a firm decision to cut this out completely. Unfortunately I wasted my money with this purchase, and here’s why.. The texture feels like glue, and I almost felt like I had a gel face mask on under my makeup. It also broke me out, and within a few hours too, not just overnight. The overall lasting power wasn’t strikingly noticeable either. Such a shame.

Eyebrows – Collection Eyebrow Kit in Brunette £3.99

I use the Rimmel pencil to quickly comb through any stray hairs and then the lightest shade to fill in the sparse areas. Truly pigmented shadows, and also lovely on the lids. The gel provided is super handy as it really does keep them in place and the double ended brush is efficient too!

Mascara – Clinique High Impact Mascara £17.50 (Full size)

To clear up, I have the mini tester tube that was free in Glamour magazine but refuse to buy a new mascara just yet as 1. I’ve not seen one that takes my fancy and 2. I’ve never tried Clinique products before, so I thought I’d review it. First off, I wasn’t massively impressed. I found myself needing to curl my eyelashes each morning because this mascara just wasn’t efficient enough on it’s own. I then found that the seperation wasn’t fantastic either and needed tweezers handy to then split my lashes up myself. I can definitely say that it thickened the hairs but thinking now, maybe I should get hunting for a new mascara.. Oops..

Lip Combination – Nivea Lip Butter £2.00 / Essence Lip Pencil £1 / Revlon ColorBurst

The Nivea Lip Butter smells amazing but come to think of it, it doesn’t do a fantastic job at hydrating at all. Maybe I should search for a new balm.

I absolutely adore this ‘soft berry’ lip liner shade, personally I would state it to be more brown than berry, but any-who. I find it hard to wear colours than genuinely suit me, but from the compliments I have received, I can presume I did okay.. right? It applies so gently and the lasting power is phenomenal, you wouldn’t think it was £1!

Sometimes, I do enjoy a subtle sheen to my lips to appear more healthy. With the Revlon ColorBurst in ‘Sunbaked’ I get a tint of mauve purple and juicy looking lips, beautiful. The pigmentation of this product is stunning, and could easily wear it alone for those quick and effortless makeup days. I was so annoyed to not be able to find more online, not even the Revlon website has the option of purchasing! I brought my last ColorBurst over the Christmas period, so that’s strange and disappointing (I just hope they’re not discontinued).

So that’s everything! A lengthy post for sure, but if you managed to stick around this long I am truly grateful. Speak to you soon,

Lots of love, Chlo x

Primark Haul

I picked up a sale jumper spontaneously to rid the cold weather in the Midlands, and as I’ve been wearing the life out of this colour, why not pick it up in a neutral shade? For £5, I think I bagged a bargain.

The other clothing items shown are just as cheap, and all from Primark too.

Credit to my gorgeous flat mate and newly hired photographer Safia for making me giggle the entire day and being patient with me whilst I dance around in front of the camera!

IMG_4928 editedIMG_4868 editedIMG_4884 editedIMG_4907 editedIMG_4923 editedIMG_4933 edited


Jumper – Primark £5 (Sale)

Trousers – Primark £5 (Sale)

Bag – Lauren by Ralph Lauren, a gift for Christmas

Shoes – Primark, last Year

Watch – Marc Jacobs £280

IMG_5099 editedIMG_5116 editedIMG_4992 editedIMG_5011 editedIMG_5046 editedIMG_4999 editedIMG_5090 edited

Night time

Jumper – Primark £5

Skirt – Primark £8

Boots – Ego Official (Ivy Boots) – £34.99

Clutch – Matalan £8

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy! Speak soon,

Love Chlo x

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Skin Care Routine

First off, I wanted to clear up that I’m not suggesting these skin products have made me into a beautiful goddess and vanished all of my acne and the scaring that joins afterwards, but it’s certainly helped.


I was always a lover of Simple products, and then managed to convince myself that the products just weren’t tough enough on my skin. I couldn’t have been more wrong. My skin now craves the ingredients that are crammed into these containers, and with the price tag – I ain’t complaining.

IMG_4639 edited

Spotless Skin Quick Fix Cleansing Wipes

Like any Simple face wipe, this takes your makeup off freely and feels so comfortable on the skin. Face wipes that need arm strength to tug back and forth end up straight in the bin! (Or I end up using them to clean surfaces.. Not wasting money then..) This particular line of products really intrigued me as I wasn’t sure if it was a new launch or just limited to Tesco stores, because I’ve not stumbled across these elsewhere!

Spotless Skin Anti-Blemish Moisturiser

After having a massive disagreement with a primer I have been using (extremely drying), I was struggling to keep my skin hydrated whilst using a standard Nivea face lotion, so I manned up and went on the hunt. I am a firm believer in products complimenting one another, else why would the business have them fall into the same category? With that being said, I could only give the Simple Anti-Blemish Moisturiser a bash, and luckily, I bloody loved it. It’s fairly rich which enables a luxurious feel, but not too overpowering in order to feel caked or weighed down by the product. A little goes an extortionately long way, winner.

Kind to Skin Soothing Facial Toner

My mini sized toner has lasted me weeks already, and I only brought it for a weekend away as a spontaneous purchase. I’m unsure why, but I had idea’s that this toner was going to be really disappointing, and tacky feeling. I was soon proved otherwise, and still yet to figure out why I’d presumed these things. It’s a rather simple toner (ha, get it?) with no scent, you can see any excess makeup that was being stubborn, now sit on your cotton pad. Such a satisfying feeling, no matter how gross it may be. My skin is also left feeling fresh and revitalized.

Kind to Skin Deep Cleansing Facial Mask

I have had this face mask until the end of time, which definitely isn’t the best way to sell this at all! But I always forgot about this product as I managed to convince that tougher products would work best to scrub the grime from my pores. However, the silky texture and richness of this mask soothed my skin almost immediately and felt like I had striped back a layer of old skin. I wasn’t violated by any bad scents and was reassured that all the ingredients were natural, and kind to my skin. Overall, an excellent face mask. The packaging states to keep this on for 2-3 minutes, but I like to sit back and relax with a YouTube video or three, and I’ve always been fine.

IMG_4637 edited

Soap & Glory

I have always stayed clear of the skincare products from this brand as I was led to believe that the fragrances were far too harsh for acne prone skin, and that the craze found on social media was just down to the pretty packaging – absolutely not. I died when I smelt the heavenly peach fragrance seep from the Cleansing Milk, and the Dr Spot spot gel reminded me of a clean lab full of scientists, and that I was their experiment for clear skin (personally I loved that, but each to their own).

IMG_4626 edited

Peaches and Clean 4-in-1 Deep Cleaning Milk

After juggling half of S&G’s facial products in my hand for a good 20 minutes trying to decide, I ended up settling my decision on this beauty.

I received advice from an employee that worked in my local Boots store, and whenever I was to take a trip there I would admire her blemish free face for far too long (Truly gorgeous!). She kindly explained that this was super gentle on your skin, and because of the peach and gojuice extracts, it would leave my skin less inflamed and nourished – and so it did.

For £6 I completely recommend this as you also get so much for your money, the bottle is huge and will take a while to battle through. I will typically use this product after I have stripped my face down with the Simple Quick Fix wipes, and then I’ll go onto the Simple Soothing Facial Toner to rid any persistent residue.

Dr Spot Breakout Clearing Gel


I am so so deeply in love with this product, from the antiseptic scent to the forceful ingredients that bully my blemishes away. I use this before going to bed, and it dries instantly so I’m not fretting that I’m going to ruin my pillows or smudge the product to unnecessary areas. The next morning, my problematic zones are soothed and have visible reduced irritation. I couldn’t recommend this gel enough, my new holy grail!

IMG_4629 edited

This is not a sponsored post, I am just loving both Simple and S&G combinations for this month!

Thank you for reading! Lots of love, Chlo.

Modelling ..

If you didn’t already guess, the title is an absolute joke. I would never consider modelling let alone give up all the carb loaded foods to eventually become a model! Funny.

This post is just a light-hearted, photo filled insight to what I’ve been getting up to at University after my Christmas holidays. I arrived back into my Halls of Residence on the 17th of January, and have been back to back with plans; talks and events for bloggers. (I’m going to an Alexander McQueen function this evening and couldn’t be more excited).

The newest addition to my timetable would be photography, and as I’ve already included a post about my first taster session with Gino (tutor) I wasn’t convinced that I should include these, but our gorgeous snapper Safi (HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLING) did such an excellent job that there was no hesitation to upload these images.

There is some gorgeous shots of a friend, captured also by Safi, but I’m sure they will soon be uploaded over on her blog.

First off, this entire day was getting a feel of the camera one and one, to learn the basic settings and then dab deeper into the complicated techniques that we will use in various locations. Giving us access to studios, and obviously the outdoors, we needed to have knowledge on all the features that the camera could offer.

I’m a huge fan of photography and being behind the lens, but there’s no denying that modelling (prancing around and attempting to be some what serious) is something I thoroughly enjoy.

So without needing to blabber on for much longer, here are the images.


Still awaiting the birthday girl’s first blog post, but when it arrives we all know to expect nothing but excellence. So here is Safia’s blog. Watch out for big things, from beauty tips and tricks to ethical debates and society issues.

Thank you a bunch for staying until the end! I know it seemed like an awfully vain blog post this week, but I can do my best to convince you that this was not the case. Enjoy your week!

Berry Wine : Lips and Eyes

Having to budget as a student can be disheartening, especially when you look up and every female in sight is a part of that warm and inviting maroon makeup trend. Don’t worry, I got you.


With M.U.A still full-filling my cheap makeup dreams, i’m pleased to share these gems with you. I have been slowly finding a love for glossy lips, but often find myself giving up when battling the winds and dig the matte shades from the bottom of my bag. With the new Shine & Matte Duo for just £2.50, you can switch it up all day long! This product is basically a two in one, a deep plum matte lipstick on one end; and a gloss on the other. The lipstick is super creamy and easy to apply, with buildable pigmentation. The gloss has a tint of purple, with moistening elements, enabling enough colour to create an impact without going too bold. The shade is in Persian Plum and under the Lip Switch collection.


Berry Wine!  Unfortunately not in alcoholic form but still impressive. For £1 I am loving this colourful winged liner that brings something different to my all black attire. No tugging or pulling on my eyelids were necessary. A sharpener is included with the price which is handy for traveling and chucking in your clutch bag.

(The top swatch being the eyeliner)

To bring back a little bronzed glow to my face over the colder months, I picked up the collection highlight and sculpting kit for £4.19 (but is currently available for £2.99 from superdrug). I have been addicted to this duo as everything I need is in one small palette.


The highlight is more visible when applied with an index finger, but I prefer to run my ‘duo-fiber face brush’ by Real Techniques through the product and dust it onto the highest points of my face because I typically use two highlighters daily. A girl can’t have too much! Right?..

The contouring shade is completely matte and is the perfect brown for my complexion, with no orange undertones at all. It applies so easily and blends really well with my ‘duo-fiber contour brush’, also by Real Techniques. I find that it lasts all day and doesn’t fade after a few hours like some I have found! (Not cute with my chubby cheeks). I often use this product as an eye shadow in the crease of my eye as it compliments the neutral shades that I often navigate towards.


Eyebrows! I have been longing for a kit that has everything I desire and not have to fiddle around in the bottom of my makeup bag for my gel, my comb, my shadow and the brush to apply it with. Collection do it again, and with a current sale on too. I purchased the eyebrow kit in brunette for £3.99, and Superdrug are practically giving this item away for £2.99. You receive a gel to comb through your eyebrows and keep them in place without looking forced down or unnatural. You also get three different shades of brown, to cater for a wider audience and a small double ended brush that surprisingly does an excellent job. I was completely reluctant with the brush as most palette brushes are totally useless and aren’t worth bothering with, but I promise you this one is a handy little guy. One side is angled, and the other is flat (which I like for cream highlighter for my brow bone). The shadows are crazy pigmented and a little goes an awfully long way. They’re really blendable, and if any mistakes happen – easy to fix! However, once the gel is combed through your brows they won’t be budging for a few hours so make sure you’re content before sealing them off. I beg you!


Those are the four products I have been worshiping over the festive season as red just isn’t my thing, and I’m sure you all will agree. None of these items are sponsored, I’m just a die hard fan of both M.U.A and Collection products. Thank you for reading! Enjoy your week.


The Pointy Patents

With the patent and PVC trend being stubborn this season, there was no denying that I would fall hard and end up purchasing some for myself. Who would have thought Peacocks would be the company to fulfill all of my requirements? I wanted points, I wanted sleek, I also wanted sustainable patent and good quality for a relatively cheap price. With Peacocks accepting ‘Student Discount’, I had the advantage of 10% off my purchase, but with these beauty’s totaling to just £26, you just can’t say no.


This was a complete love affair from the day I locked eyes on these boots, but with Merry Hill shopping center not able to provide my needed size, I cried a little deep inside. I held strong and thought I would be able to grab myself a pair when I headed down to Southampton when my weekend home was over. Again, no luck. A month later, my second trip home came around, and after searching two stores I had my own customer hold label stapled to the bag, sat patiently waiting for me. All mine.


I am still suffering to walk in these for longer than 10 minutes at a time as I underestimated how much patent needed some loving, but plain is pleasure – and all that.


For this particular look, I threw on my black swing dress and dusty pink silk scarf to inject some colour into this outfit. I obviously layered my winter staple on top to keep me protected from the cold. I can’t thank Primark enough for this grey gem. I stuck to skin toned tights to keep my boots a main feature, and to not be drowned in all black. I quickly shoved this bag onto my shoulder as I had convinced myself it would match the shade of my scarf, I was mistaken. I also thought this would be ideal to carry my laptop and notebooks as I had University on this particular day, that was also a mistake. Shoulder pains for days. I then later got home to realise how decayed the bag actually was, not cute.


M.U.A Review

The cheapest makeup brand on the market, but is it efficient?


Mystic Marsala

With the lipsticks starting from just £1, there’s no denying my holder is rammed full of every shade they have released. Fortunately for us budget finders, they are incredible, to say the least! Super pigmented and lasting for hours on end. I personally prefer the matte shades, launched recently in white packaging, as I am confident that nothing will smear once applied. The texture is admittedly very creamy with no tugging necessary, which I have found with one or two Rimmel lipsticks..


12231595_10153206493596630_1558204217_n (1)

£1 – Mystic Marsala

Highlighter for days

If ya’ll know me in real life, or even seen me in the street (hopefully) i’ll be shining brighter than a Christmas tree because it’s my favourite step of my makeup routine. This one, has been my go to for almost 6 months and still no major damage done to the product. The ‘Undress’ collection is something I highly recommend to anyone that want’s to get way more than what they’re paying.


12242164_10153206493586630_1068027092_n (1)12272792_10153206493581630_1431298259_n (1)

Undress your skin – £3

Urban Decay is that you?

That fixing mist! The idea behind this had potential, and I was willing to give it a go. Lusting after the Urban Decay setting spray I assumed this was be the perfect dupe to give me a ‘taste’ of the more expensive product. For this being just £5 I didn’t see any issues, applying it was a little odd as my face instantly felt drenched, but I had just sprayed a liquid onto my fresh makeup? Until the morning I did genuinely enjoy using this, as it kept my makeup on for a few hours longer than usual. However, I broke out like crazy with painful zits that were just way too stubborn for my liking. Binned..


Fixing Mist – £5

Green concealer? Are you mental? 

No, we’re not, and here’s why.. Having being a sucker for piling on the makeup in my young teens, I’m now suffering from horrendous scared skin that won’t cover easily. Green concealer cancels out redness, and I too was reluctant to try this. Having had a negative experience with the previous product, I was put off from trying this one. Then I thought if my skin is already poor, what worse could happen? Wise words.. (Don’t follow this advice, but in my case I was successful). I used the yellow concealer to fade any dark circles underneath my eyes and then caked my face in green. This product dries fairly quickly so you need to move fast. I then continued my normal base routine instantly saw a difference. There was no visible traces of colour (from red/green/yellow) other than my bronzed hairline. Winning. I’m still yet to trial the other shades, but with the help of MUA and their online tutorials I’m sure I’ll suss it all out soon.


Base Prime & Conceal Palette – £4

So, to refer back to my first question, is it efficient? Absolutely. I would soon rather head to Superdrug and browse through M.U.A to spend a total of £10 on numerous products than force myself to splurge on £20+ for just one product of high end makeup. But that’s just me *angel emoji here..*

To clarify, this post isn’t sponsored, I’m just a hard core fan.

Thank you for reading!