7 Magazine


In all honesty, today’s meeting was far too similar to our previous get together, we weren’t making many final decisions. Being a few weeks in, I wanted to start focusing on creating content and organizing shoots and events, but maybe I’m just too eager and impatient?!

I have been given the incredibly opportunity to head to the Pure event in London on the 16th of Feb, and I couldn’t be more pleased. I hope to bring tonnes of content back with me and pitch it to the group in our meeting the following day. Obviously I’ll also keep you guys updated also. From the meeting on the 17th of Feb, I hope to achieve the following:

  • Colour themes (Need to collect samples from B&Q)
  • Fonts
  • Ideas of content that we can start to create
  • To understand how everyone wishes the front cover to look (Technical issues previously)
  • Start mocking up the general / basic layout for our magazine with pen and paper

The vision of the magazine is different for everyone, and as a team we have made a firm choice on having a number (7) rather than the word. The logo is also designed, ready for social media accounts, which I can link once they’re up and running. A rough idea of colours were spoken about, but in terms of particular shades, a further discussion is needed. I can’t wait to regroup after a week of creative thinking and hopefully start the exciting process of the magazine production.

Now, what do I wear to London?..


DSC00105 edited

We all regrouped today after our first overwhelming discussion to sort through some further gritty details. Firstly we were shown some drafts of the cover, provided and designed by Editor, Paige Baker. Although these designs were excellent, and truly appreciated, I knew we all needed to take time and come up with an idea to represent our individual personality – and was thankful that we have the opportunity to do so.

I instantly had a creative spark and was scribbling in my notepad viciously, and snapping photo’s too! (Of course..) These consisted of illustrations, layout plans, the cover appearance and how the social media logo’s will be handled. We will be on as many platforms as physically possible to spread information with behind the scenes snippets and beautiful images.

I’ve been sat at my laptop all day sketching up idea’s, creating a presentation and Pinterest board ready to pitch to the group in next week’s meeting.

As of now, I won’t be sharing too many details as nothing is set in stone, but here are the majority of the team and I honestly cannot wait to work with this lovely bunch of people, experience new adventures and start SEVEN Magazine!

P.S My role is a Fashion Director.. HOW EXCITING?!