NYX Haul and First Impressions

Of course I didn’t hunt down a NYX stand the moment I came into my first months wages.. absolutely not, no. When I knew I just had a few more days until my hard work had paid off in my new employment, I thought there was no better way to celebrate than to have a full wish list at the ready. My list practically evaporated when I saw the NYX stand literally glowing in the centre of a local Boots store (Merry Hill, for you Midlanders) and I grabbed whatever I felt I needed in my life. Of course I needed a pastel pink eye liner.. dur.


Vivid Brights Eyeliner

This colour is something else. I just want to own everything in this pastel pink shade, I need to own everything in this pastel pink shade. However, this actual product didn’t impress me once I had it on my face. The formula is super drying and cracks as soon as the product has settled on your skin. The pigmentation is intense (positive), and I’m yet to spot anything similar for such an affordable price, £5.50, so I will continue to work with it. Also, this isn’t going to be an everyday product for most people so these downfalls may be pushed aside for an epic festival or girly night time look. I picked up a light pink shade in the colour ‘Petal’, but they do have a bright and bold variety in the collection.


Tinted Brow Mascara 

IN LOVE. I have the shade ‘Chocolate‘ and have recently made this my go to product. If i’m just popping to the shop or spending my day travelling, I put a tinted moisturiser on with this brow product and I’m out the door. It’s so simple, and affordable too at £5.50. The packaging describes the aftermath perfectly, as it fills in all your sparse areas without looking unnatural or uneven.


Stay Matt but not flat Liquid Foundation

Meh. This foundation claims to be full coverage but I definitely had to build it up a little more than I would have liked to. The formula isn’t fantastic, and feels kind of ‘cheap’ on my face. You know those brands that you just don’t expect fantastic results from in the ‘bases’ category? Well that’s what it felt like. Then again, after a while I completely forgot I had product on my face, confirming it’s super lightweight and comfortable to wear once set. I definitely think I have to test out this foundation again with different primers, and maybe cut the powder from the routine, but for now I’m not reaching for it first. The shade I picked up (Creamy Natural) matches perfectly to my skin tone, I have a talent in doing this you know.. I never fail. However, I don’t want to label this as a ‘disappointing foundation’ because I know that I need to be stubborn in finding complimenting products to work along side it. Again, this foundation is super cheap at £6.00, therefore not complaining.


Above & Beyond Full Coverage

The small tub says “Full Coverage”, and I do definitely half agree with that! The concealer covers my blemishes when applied directly onto them, but then when blended out to avoid harsh lines and obvious patches it does fade a considerable amount. I have contemplated applying it underneath my foundation without dabbing out the excess product but am still to attempt this technique (If you have any suggestions or tips for me to try out please recommend them in the comments below). I have been loving it to sculpt out my eyebrows however, and to correct any redness near my nose and under my eyes. The consistently changes for me, in the pot it’s fairly bouncy, then on the brush its a little more oily, and once applied to the face it’s slightly drying. Strange huh? At £5.50 this concealer (in the shade CJ02 Fair) is a tad pricier than my Holy grail Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, and personally wouldn’t repurchase it for a second time.


If you have any NYX recommendations then please do let me know! I’m having way too much fun browsing and testing out an unfamiliar brand (and potentially splurging on way too much makeup in general). I love to hear your feedback and compare opinions.

Also, there is a newly installed NYX stand at Bentley Bridge and Wolverhampton Boots if you are local to the Walsall area. I know I have readers back home that have been waiting a while to get their hands on some pieces. GO CRAZY!

Thank you so much for reading,

Chloé x



2 thoughts on “NYX Haul and First Impressions

    1. It’s gorgeous isn’t it! I’ve only just started experimenting with eyeliner as I’m awful at neat lines 😂 and yes do! They have the best selection. Let me know what you buy! ❤️


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