Birthday Haul : Beauty

So I had the most incredible birthday back in The Midlands and I couldn’t be more grateful for everything I received. Thank you all so much!

I celebrated my birthday with food, shopping, facials, a hair revamp and obviously more food. Perfect right? I managed to get all my family together on the same night (even my little unsociable brother, crazy) and spent my time taking in everybody’s conversation and it was just magical.

So without rambling too much more, here is the beauty addition to this haul – part one of three.


Revolution Palette

Isn’t this just so beautiful?! My good friend Molly kindly gifted me this, along with the MUA nail varnish and lipstick (thanks doll <3) . I’m yet to trial this beauty but I can already tell how much I’m going to love it, the shades are right up my street as I stick to as many neutrals as I possibly can. This particular palette is called ‘Redemption Palette Iconic 3’ and it reminds me a lot of the Urban Decay Naked 3 for sure. There’s seven super shimmery shades, two with subtle highlighted tones and three completely matte shadows.


Ciaté Nail Varnish

This adorable nude / pink shade is called Maybe Baby 148 and I couldn’t be more in love. Funny story, I actually threw this polish away without realizing so went shopping and brought a similar shade as I knew I wanted to add the perfect nude to my collection. Later snapped a photo to the present giver and her reply was “where’s my nail varnish?!” so of course she had me digging in the huge outdoor bins with a pair of rubber gloves! Shout out to Safia haha. Thank you my darling.

I’ve only heard excellent things about this nail company and cannot wait to try it out (once the current nude has fully worn off oops ..)


Models Own Nail Varnish

As I do have this varnish on, I can write a mini review. First off, the colour is stunning, the shade is Midsummer Mauve and I knew I’d be addicted as soon as I spotted it at the counter. However, the ‘gel effect’ that is meant to be given isn’t very obvious at all and the lasting power isn’t fabulous – it chipped the very day of application. I applied this varnish at a photo shoot around 10:30AM, by the time I was doing my night time routine.. chipped! The brush is so so nice to apply it with though, I must admit it was super quick and easy, not to mention rather enjoyable.


Kiko Long Lasting Stick

This claims to have 8 hours of no transfer pigmentation and I can confirm that this is true. I have been given so many compliments on this product and it’s crazy because I literally slick it over my lids, dab it in a little to soften any harsh lines and head out the door. I grabbed the shade 07 and it’s the most stunning champagne colour with plenty of shimmer. I’ve been ending my days around midnight recently and it’s still been in place to the point where i’m remorseful that it will be wiped away soon. Highly recommend!


Kiko Face Make Up Fixer

I picked this up as I was advised to test out more Kiko products and thought this was a good buy for £8.60. I have used this a few times and noticed a longer lasting makeup look throughout my busy schedule but I just find it really odd to spray onto my face. It doesn’t smell too pleasant, however I’m not utterly offended by the scent as it lasts a minute or so and then evaporates. The texture of the spray is also peculiar as it’s more of a mist, rather than a wet spray, and I know this is a good aspect but the concept is still a little strange to me after the Urban Decay Setting Spray. I also had a whole week without breakouts and now have received a handful of hefty blemishes but I’m not pointing the blame yet, as I’ve tested out a few new products recently.


Revlon Ultra Volume Mascara

On my first trial of this, I absolutely hated it and was just thankful I got it through promotion at £6 in Boots. Now, a week on, I looooooove the stuff. I’m presuming it’s because I didn’t curl my lashes before hand, and that will always set back your mascara as a whole. To sum up, love it, recommend, 4 stars from me. ****


Revolution Ultra Sculpt Blush Makeup Brush

I brought this purposely for the Revolution Golden Sugar Blush palette that I absolutely adore but couldn’t find a brush in my collection that was compact enough to fit into the pan and not pick up another shade from the side! I found the perfect one. I must say this is so visually pleasing, the rose gold finish and crystal white fibers are very Instagram friendly. The brush itself is insanely soft and so easy to use to apply product. No hairs have fallen out of the base but I am yet to wash it, so i’ll keep you posted if this occurs. Also for a whole £8.99, it’s so worth it.


MUA Nail Varnish

Another nail varnish! I think my friends are trying to tell me I need to scrub up better. This bold summer shade in ‘Bright Coral’ is perfect for the tanned hands and beautiful sunset kind of days. I can imagine myself on holiday at the pool side drinking a cocktail with this varnish on, it reminds me of abroad and makes me want to book a flight to the Maldives (if only).


Revolution Lipstick 


Lastly, but not least, I have my final gift! It’s more pink in real life, and named ‘Devine’. I would have never picked this up for myself and have definitely surprised myself when I applied it and genuinely liked how it sat on my lips. Typically I would stay clear of pink products, but have been really feeling it lately so grateful to have oftener this beauty. It has a glossy finish and isn’t highly pigmented at all, but I like that! It adds a super petty ‘girl next door’ vibe to your look which everyone admires.

The products that weren’t gifted by friends, were picked by myself during a shopping trip with my insane partner. Which is why I have included some prices. So thank you George! I appreciate everything you do for me and am grateful / surprised you put up with me for the entire day in and out the same shop multiple times.. HE HE. I haven’t researched the other product prices out of respect for my lovely present givers, and I hope you all understand this. ❤

Speak to you soon,

Love Chlo x


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