Radiance Glow

After receiving the most insane and heart warming feedback from my Makeup Revolution Blush Palette review, I thought I’d throw one more into the mix (and two others to land soon enough). Clearly I’ve been loving Revolution too much.. haha. What harm can this truly stunning highlighter trio do to ones blog? Nothing!

IMG_4488IMG_4492IMG_4508 lablled

When I opened this Radiance beauty in Superdrug, I knew there was no way I could leave it behind. I do love a good illuminated makeup look if I say so myself, and for £8 I wasn’t breaking the bank either.

The left shade is more my skin tone, therefore the most subtle of all when applied to my face as the colour pay off is too similar to make a drastic difference. I use this when I’m trying to achieve that natural and healthy glow during my everyday look. The texture is quite powdery but easily blended, showing no signs of harsh edges.


The middle shade is the lightest, with a champagne undertone – which I personally love the greatest. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t go overboard with my highlighting (is that even a thing?..) but i’m totally okay with it. This shade allows me to load on the colour without it looking bizarre, don’t get me wrong, you can tell i’m a complete fraud and clearly haven’t been soaking up the vitamin D in Ibiza, but it’s also evident I’ve not rubbed my face in a shimmering pile of powder too. It catches the light beautifully and I know I’ll be using this until the pan is empty.


Lastly, the bronzed shade! Unfortunately this is too dark for me – but you can’t win them all. I have, however, used this as an eye shadow and loved it! I combined a cream (for base) and a dark grey in the crease, with the golden shade packed onto the lid for a shoot and was complimented by the photographer as soon as we met up. Winning. For a night time look, I can see myself experimenting with this, but I do recommend it more for darker skin tone.

IMG_4502IMG_4505 labelled

The brush that I use to apply the product is the Real Techniques Duo Fibre Limited Edition Face Brush (can only be purchased in a set of three). I did want to invest in the Fan Brush but again, it’s a pack of three and don’t particularly need the other items. If you have any suggestions or feedback, do let me know! I love testing out new products.

Thank you for reading,

Speak soon, Chlo x


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