Making me Blush

Have you ever experienced love at first sight? No? Scroll down, my friend.


Eight insanely pigmented blushes in one palette for just £6?! Are you hearing this right now. Revolution do it again with the Golden Sugar launch, and I am falling very hard for this brand over and over (as you’ll soon see on my blog, I have a fair few posts lined up from this company) and I don’t think i’ll stop there.

Personally, blushes aren’t for me, so why did I pick this palette up? It’s so controversial that I can easily get away with using all the shades as highlighters – the pink toned blushes are layered with the oh’ so famous MUA ‘Undressed Me’ highlighter to add a subtle golden sheen but I have been navigating more towards the bronzed shades so far. The lightest shade is purposely for highlighting the face, with champagne veining through the pan; but I find them all to be stunning on the cheek bones.

And then there’s that one single matte brown shade that is so beautiful to contour with. Not to mention, all of these look incredible as eye shadows, with the matte colour in the crease. You have so many various options here, you just can’t go wrong.

Hopefully in the future, I’ll swim the sea of rosy cheeks, but due to an already quite flushed complexion from acne scaring (EW) and just in general crap skin, I’m staying clear for now.


One thing I would prefer from this palette (and it’s only a minor detail in packaging/production), and that’s for the shades to have individual names. It just makes it so much easier when an explanation is needed.

The actual casing for the shadows is very heavy duty, I have dropped this three times and panicked instantly, thinking I had made a shimmery mess, of course I didn’t! The sleek black glossy plastic also holds a large mirror in the lid, super handy.


Let me know what shade is your favourite, and any recommendations that you have from Makeup Revolution as I just need to fill my stash with more from their brand.

Thank you for reading. Speak to you soon,

Love Chlo x

18 thoughts on “Making me Blush

    1. Not only is it available here, but it’s at Ulta so if it’s in stock I could have it by the end of the day. It doesn’t appear that this Golden Sugar palette is here yet, but the brand is. And I want it all. So glad I saw this post so I can go try new products!


      1. Ah! So glad you got back to me. Definitely try out anything you can! I hope it’s as inexpensive for you as it is in the UK. I will look forward to seeing if you purchase anything or not! ❤


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