Skin Care Routine

First off, I wanted to clear up that I’m not suggesting these skin products have made me into a beautiful goddess and vanished all of my acne and the scaring that joins afterwards, but it’s certainly helped.


I was always a lover of Simple products, and then managed to convince myself that the products just weren’t tough enough on my skin. I couldn’t have been more wrong. My skin now craves the ingredients that are crammed into these containers, and with the price tag – I ain’t complaining.

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Spotless Skin Quick Fix Cleansing Wipes

Like any Simple face wipe, this takes your makeup off freely and feels so comfortable on the skin. Face wipes that need arm strength to tug back and forth end up straight in the bin! (Or I end up using them to clean surfaces.. Not wasting money then..) This particular line of products really intrigued me as I wasn’t sure if it was a new launch or just limited to Tesco stores, because I’ve not stumbled across these elsewhere!

Spotless Skin Anti-Blemish Moisturiser

After having a massive disagreement with a primer I have been using (extremely drying), I was struggling to keep my skin hydrated whilst using a standard Nivea face lotion, so I manned up and went on the hunt. I am a firm believer in products complimenting one another, else why would the business have them fall into the same category? With that being said, I could only give the Simple Anti-Blemish Moisturiser a bash, and luckily, I bloody loved it. It’s fairly rich which enables a luxurious feel, but not too overpowering in order to feel caked or weighed down by the product. A little goes an extortionately long way, winner.

Kind to Skin Soothing Facial Toner

My mini sized toner has lasted me weeks already, and I only brought it for a weekend away as a spontaneous purchase. I’m unsure why, but I had idea’s that this toner was going to be really disappointing, and tacky feeling. I was soon proved otherwise, and still yet to figure out why I’d presumed these things. It’s a rather simple toner (ha, get it?) with no scent, you can see any excess makeup that was being stubborn, now sit on your cotton pad. Such a satisfying feeling, no matter how gross it may be. My skin is also left feeling fresh and revitalized.

Kind to Skin Deep Cleansing Facial Mask

I have had this face mask until the end of time, which definitely isn’t the best way to sell this at all! But I always forgot about this product as I managed to convince that tougher products would work best to scrub the grime from my pores. However, the silky texture and richness of this mask soothed my skin almost immediately and felt like I had striped back a layer of old skin. I wasn’t violated by any bad scents and was reassured that all the ingredients were natural, and kind to my skin. Overall, an excellent face mask. The packaging states to keep this on for 2-3 minutes, but I like to sit back and relax with a YouTube video or three, and I’ve always been fine.

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Soap & Glory

I have always stayed clear of the skincare products from this brand as I was led to believe that the fragrances were far too harsh for acne prone skin, and that the craze found on social media was just down to the pretty packaging – absolutely not. I died when I smelt the heavenly peach fragrance seep from the Cleansing Milk, and the Dr Spot spot gel reminded me of a clean lab full of scientists, and that I was their experiment for clear skin (personally I loved that, but each to their own).

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Peaches and Clean 4-in-1 Deep Cleaning Milk

After juggling half of S&G’s facial products in my hand for a good 20 minutes trying to decide, I ended up settling my decision on this beauty.

I received advice from an employee that worked in my local Boots store, and whenever I was to take a trip there I would admire her blemish free face for far too long (Truly gorgeous!). She kindly explained that this was super gentle on your skin, and because of the peach and gojuice extracts, it would leave my skin less inflamed and nourished – and so it did.

For £6 I completely recommend this as you also get so much for your money, the bottle is huge and will take a while to battle through. I will typically use this product after I have stripped my face down with the Simple Quick Fix wipes, and then I’ll go onto the Simple Soothing Facial Toner to rid any persistent residue.

Dr Spot Breakout Clearing Gel


I am so so deeply in love with this product, from the antiseptic scent to the forceful ingredients that bully my blemishes away. I use this before going to bed, and it dries instantly so I’m not fretting that I’m going to ruin my pillows or smudge the product to unnecessary areas. The next morning, my problematic zones are soothed and have visible reduced irritation. I couldn’t recommend this gel enough, my new holy grail!

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This is not a sponsored post, I am just loving both Simple and S&G combinations for this month!

Thank you for reading! Lots of love, Chlo.


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