Modelling ..

If you didn’t already guess, the title is an absolute joke. I would never consider modelling let alone give up all the carb loaded foods to eventually become a model! Funny.

This post is just a light-hearted, photo filled insight to what I’ve been getting up to at University after my Christmas holidays. I arrived back into my Halls of Residence on the 17th of January, and have been back to back with plans; talks and events for bloggers. (I’m going to an Alexander McQueen function this evening and couldn’t be more excited).

The newest addition to my timetable would be photography, and as I’ve already included a post about my first taster session with Gino (tutor) I wasn’t convinced that I should include these, but our gorgeous snapper Safi (HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLING) did such an excellent job that there was no hesitation to upload these images.

There is some gorgeous shots of a friend, captured also by Safi, but I’m sure they will soon be uploaded over on her blog.

First off, this entire day was getting a feel of the camera one and one, to learn the basic settings and then dab deeper into the complicated techniques that we will use in various locations. Giving us access to studios, and obviously the outdoors, we needed to have knowledge on all the features that the camera could offer.

I’m a huge fan of photography and being behind the lens, but there’s no denying that modelling (prancing around and attempting to be some what serious) is something I thoroughly enjoy.

So without needing to blabber on for much longer, here are the images.


Still awaiting the birthday girl’s first blog post, but when it arrives we all know to expect nothing but excellence. So here is Safia’s blog. Watch out for big things, from beauty tips and tricks to ethical debates and society issues.

Thank you a bunch for staying until the end! I know it seemed like an awfully vain blog post this week, but I can do my best to convince you that this was not the case. Enjoy your week!


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