Berry Wine : Lips and Eyes

Having to budget as a student can be disheartening, especially when you look up and every female in sight is a part of that warm and inviting maroon makeup trend. Don’t worry, I got you.


With M.U.A still full-filling my cheap makeup dreams, i’m pleased to share these gems with you. I have been slowly finding a love for glossy lips, but often find myself giving up when battling the winds and dig the matte shades from the bottom of my bag. With the new Shine & Matte Duo for just £2.50, you can switch it up all day long! This product is basically a two in one, a deep plum matte lipstick on one end; and a gloss on the other. The lipstick is super creamy and easy to apply, with buildable pigmentation. The gloss has a tint of purple, with moistening elements, enabling enough colour to create an impact without going too bold. The shade is in Persian Plum and under the Lip Switch collection.


Berry Wine!  Unfortunately not in alcoholic form but still impressive. For £1 I am loving this colourful winged liner that brings something different to my all black attire. No tugging or pulling on my eyelids were necessary. A sharpener is included with the price which is handy for traveling and chucking in your clutch bag.

(The top swatch being the eyeliner)

To bring back a little bronzed glow to my face over the colder months, I picked up the collection highlight and sculpting kit for £4.19 (but is currently available for £2.99 from superdrug). I have been addicted to this duo as everything I need is in one small palette.


The highlight is more visible when applied with an index finger, but I prefer to run my ‘duo-fiber face brush’ by Real Techniques through the product and dust it onto the highest points of my face because I typically use two highlighters daily. A girl can’t have too much! Right?..

The contouring shade is completely matte and is the perfect brown for my complexion, with no orange undertones at all. It applies so easily and blends really well with my ‘duo-fiber contour brush’, also by Real Techniques. I find that it lasts all day and doesn’t fade after a few hours like some I have found! (Not cute with my chubby cheeks). I often use this product as an eye shadow in the crease of my eye as it compliments the neutral shades that I often navigate towards.


Eyebrows! I have been longing for a kit that has everything I desire and not have to fiddle around in the bottom of my makeup bag for my gel, my comb, my shadow and the brush to apply it with. Collection do it again, and with a current sale on too. I purchased the eyebrow kit in brunette for £3.99, and Superdrug are practically giving this item away for £2.99. You receive a gel to comb through your eyebrows and keep them in place without looking forced down or unnatural. You also get three different shades of brown, to cater for a wider audience and a small double ended brush that surprisingly does an excellent job. I was completely reluctant with the brush as most palette brushes are totally useless and aren’t worth bothering with, but I promise you this one is a handy little guy. One side is angled, and the other is flat (which I like for cream highlighter for my brow bone). The shadows are crazy pigmented and a little goes an awfully long way. They’re really blendable, and if any mistakes happen – easy to fix! However, once the gel is combed through your brows they won’t be budging for a few hours so make sure you’re content before sealing them off. I beg you!


Those are the four products I have been worshiping over the festive season as red just isn’t my thing, and I’m sure you all will agree. None of these items are sponsored, I’m just a die hard fan of both M.U.A and Collection products. Thank you for reading! Enjoy your week.



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