The Pointy Patents

With the patent and PVC trend being stubborn this season, there was no denying that I would fall hard and end up purchasing some for myself. Who would have thought Peacocks would be the company to fulfill all of my requirements? I wanted points, I wanted sleek, I also wanted sustainable patent and good quality for a relatively cheap price. With Peacocks accepting ‘Student Discount’, I had the advantage of 10% off my purchase, but with these beauty’s totaling to just £26, you just can’t say no.


This was a complete love affair from the day I locked eyes on these boots, but with Merry Hill shopping center not able to provide my needed size, I cried a little deep inside. I held strong and thought I would be able to grab myself a pair when I headed down to Southampton when my weekend home was over. Again, no luck. A month later, my second trip home came around, and after searching two stores I had my own customer hold label stapled to the bag, sat patiently waiting for me. All mine.


I am still suffering to walk in these for longer than 10 minutes at a time as I underestimated how much patent needed some loving, but plain is pleasure – and all that.


For this particular look, I threw on my black swing dress and dusty pink silk scarf to inject some colour into this outfit. I obviously layered my winter staple on top to keep me protected from the cold. I can’t thank Primark enough for this grey gem. I stuck to skin toned tights to keep my boots a main feature, and to not be drowned in all black. I quickly shoved this bag onto my shoulder as I had convinced myself it would match the shade of my scarf, I was mistaken. I also thought this would be ideal to carry my laptop and notebooks as I had University on this particular day, that was also a mistake. Shoulder pains for days. I then later got home to realise how decayed the bag actually was, not cute.



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