M.U.A Review

The cheapest makeup brand on the market, but is it efficient?


Mystic Marsala

With the lipsticks starting from just £1, there’s no denying my holder is rammed full of every shade they have released. Fortunately for us budget finders, they are incredible, to say the least! Super pigmented and lasting for hours on end. I personally prefer the matte shades, launched recently in white packaging, as I am confident that nothing will smear once applied. The texture is admittedly very creamy with no tugging necessary, which I have found with one or two Rimmel lipsticks..


12231595_10153206493596630_1558204217_n (1)

£1 – Mystic Marsala

Highlighter for days

If ya’ll know me in real life, or even seen me in the street (hopefully) i’ll be shining brighter than a Christmas tree because it’s my favourite step of my makeup routine. This one, has been my go to for almost 6 months and still no major damage done to the product. The ‘Undress’ collection is something I highly recommend to anyone that want’s to get way more than what they’re paying.


12242164_10153206493586630_1068027092_n (1)12272792_10153206493581630_1431298259_n (1)

Undress your skin – £3

Urban Decay is that you?

That fixing mist! The idea behind this had potential, and I was willing to give it a go. Lusting after the Urban Decay setting spray I assumed this was be the perfect dupe to give me a ‘taste’ of the more expensive product. For this being just £5 I didn’t see any issues, applying it was a little odd as my face instantly felt drenched, but I had just sprayed a liquid onto my fresh makeup? Until the morning I did genuinely enjoy using this, as it kept my makeup on for a few hours longer than usual. However, I broke out like crazy with painful zits that were just way too stubborn for my liking. Binned..


Fixing Mist – £5

Green concealer? Are you mental? 

No, we’re not, and here’s why.. Having being a sucker for piling on the makeup in my young teens, I’m now suffering from horrendous scared skin that won’t cover easily. Green concealer cancels out redness, and I too was reluctant to try this. Having had a negative experience with the previous product, I was put off from trying this one. Then I thought if my skin is already poor, what worse could happen? Wise words.. (Don’t follow this advice, but in my case I was successful). I used the yellow concealer to fade any dark circles underneath my eyes and then caked my face in green. This product dries fairly quickly so you need to move fast. I then continued my normal base routine instantly saw a difference. There was no visible traces of colour (from red/green/yellow) other than my bronzed hairline. Winning. I’m still yet to trial the other shades, but with the help of MUA and their online tutorials I’m sure I’ll suss it all out soon.


Base Prime & Conceal Palette – £4

So, to refer back to my first question, is it efficient? Absolutely. I would soon rather head to Superdrug and browse through M.U.A to spend a total of £10 on numerous products than force myself to splurge on £20+ for just one product of high end makeup. But that’s just me *angel emoji here..*

To clarify, this post isn’t sponsored, I’m just a hard core fan.

Thank you for reading!


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