The Pinafore

Having still being completely besotted with Alexa Chung and everything she has ever worn, there’s no doubt a pinafore would be included in my statement wardrobe pieces.

With the weather dropping, my favourite way to wear this cross back, black short attire is by layering. I stacked on some thick tights, a black throw (which admittedly isn’t visible in any images but let’s pretend) and my trusty grey tailored knee length winter coat.

Being one of many to love the neutral palette trend, I obviously had to chuck on a camel top to fit underneath the pinafore. This is actually a cropped top, but I opted to go a few sizes up as it’s Winter and i’m not about that exposed life.

My Topshop boots from at least 3 years ago are still soldiering on and in good nick too! With the cutout sides and a simple thin leather ankle strap, it brings a feminine balance to the footwear. Breaking that “Chelsea boots are solely for men” rule. These shoes absolutely murdered my feet for the first few weeks, and was adamant I wouldn’t cope too long – now I wouldn’t live without them. Referring back to Alexa Chung, in 2012 she was wearing this exact pair of boots as she was snapped on the high street clutching a mulberry bag and a coffee cup. So, obviously I had to get them? Right?

To finish the look I packed my go to black leather Topshop bag with all of my essentials. Having two compartments enables me to cram all of my junk in to then later convince myself that of course it was worth hefting it around on my shoulder, because you never know when you might need 5 different shades of red lipstick or an entire bottle of Chloé. (I’ll learn one day).


Top – Primark £4

Coat – Primark £25

Pinafore – Topshop £20 (Sale)

Boots – Topshop £70

Watch – Marc Jacobs £260

Thank you for reading, all my love. Chlo x



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