Having tried a heap load of facial products and getting little to no where with my skin clearing up, I decided to do some research. What’s better than to head to the blogging community to get the best beauty advice?

I was recommended to take a trip to Lush by a handful of lovely viewers and I haven’t looked back since.

image2 [271988]

£6.95 & Vegan

On that trip, I did bombard to poor employee with a book full of questions as I didn’t want to spend nearly £10 on a product that would only be wasting my time. The young lady pointed me in the direction of a pot full of green gritty scrub that smelled like grass and I just stood still for a moment because I thought she was having me on. However, she was incredibly co-operative and offered me a few sample pots to get me by for a couple of weeks to give me time to decide.


I came back in just 6 days to purchase the full size as it cleared my skin up almost immediately. I haven’t used a product quite so odd or as miracle working to this day. I’m aware a chunk of my viewers are a young audience and heading through the stresses high school, worrying about everything from your drop-dead-gorgeous crush to the horrid zit on your forehead. I got you!

image3 [271989]

With Herbalism, you take a small pea sized amount of product from the pot and drip some water on top to then mix into a paste. Slathering a thin layer onto your face evenly, to then take it back off with a clean flannel. A little really does go a long way but consider the use by date as the label gives appropriately two months.

image7 [271993]image5 [271991]

The scent is exactly what it says on the tub, herbal. Which bothered me for all of 2 days, and now it’s a comforting smell to me. (My new best friend)

I wasn’t going to write a review on this product because

1. I don’t own any before and after images

2. If I did, I would be reluctant to post the before image, however helpful it may be, as my skin is a huge insecurity of mine

3. This review is already out on the web

So why am I sat here typing this up? Recently I headed home for the weekend and was all out of my go to, so I ended up picking up the Nuage Skin Facial Scrub for just £0.99. Cheap, but certainly not cheerful. Half of my face broke out the morning after and from then I just knew I had found my Holy grail item. My skin craves the natural ingredients that are packed into this little black pot, and as I dig my way through my third tub, I’ll be singing my praises to Lush.

Chloe ♥ Herbalism.

image8 [271994]


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