Christmas Wishlist

After some serious digging over around a 6 month period, I have managed to narrow it down to 8 (potentially  OTT) gifts that I would like to either treat myself to/receive from family members. I just want to throw a disclaimer in here and clarify that this isn’t me ‘begging’ ‘bragging’ ‘hinting’ for presents, it’s just an online Wishlist for the viewers that requested it.

First off, if Santa would like to drop down a Sony A5000 Compact Camera down my chimney then that would be fantastic.. preferably white to match my laptop and printer. This is something I am personally saving up for, as I know the quality will do wonders for my blog and will encourage me to snap more photographs. The idea behind this is that you have all the features a DSLR can offer, but in a smaller and more portable version. You are able to change the lenses to create the effect you’re after and I know InTheFrow is a huge fan too.


Secondly, I have been trying to find different ways to express my creativity and haven’t succeeded until now. I am not a brilliant hands free drawer and have always loved the extra help that digital illustration software’s gave me. So stumbling across the Intuos Draw Pen Tablet was everything that I needed to bring my ideas to life. For the product, the price tag is such a steal. I expected to pay at least £150, but for just £54.99 I was singing my praises.


Every girl loves a set of underwear to be waiting under the Christmas tree. For me, a red or even sparkling glitter pair of CK’s would be beautiful.


The trend I have been lusting over recently is the over the knee boot. Kourtney Kardashian set it straight for me, and from then I have been dreaming of the Stuart Weitzman Highland boots in grey suede for days (literal dreams I’m not kidding). However, some of us poor student folk can’t afford the £650, so I managed to find an exact dupe from Public Desire for £39.99. Thank me later.


Spontaneous shopping trips with my Mum are always a favourite of mine. After walking in TK Max, I expected to find nothing but a few Nars lipsticks. Boy. I. Was. Wrong. The most perfect Lauren by Ralph Lauren bag was perched waiting for me. All cream and gold detail. Such a classic statement piece that would chic any outfit.

lauren by raplh

I spent the recent weekend back home, and did nothing but slouch around in my mum’s clothes (of course I didn’t underpack..). I couldn’t help but fall in love with the fragrance she had drenched on every item she owned. Either i’ll purchase Gaultier 2 for myself or keep pinching hers, I’ve not yet decided.

As a keen blogger, I would love to purchase my own domain soon. But with Christmas, a house deposit and a whole pile of payments coming out of my bank account – a domain is not top of the list right now.

The final item on my Wishlist is a black patent crocodile skin laptop sleeve. Mouthful, and breath. Simply because I am sick of a bright blue case ruining every outfit whilst it dangles from my shoulder. A simple sleeve can be slotted into my bag and that’s the end of it.


I promise I’ve been completing all of my Uni work and eating all of my fruit and veg, Santa.

Thank you for reading!

Tweet me at @Ch1oeleigh telling me what is on the top of your Christmas list this year.


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