Thinking I’m a Model

IMG_1351IMG_1353 IMG_1356IMG_1357 IMG_1359IMG_1360
In the first few weeks of University, we were introduced to a Photography session by a lovely man named Gino! This was just a taster of what we will be taught in January, and I am way too excited for it to come around. I enjoyed myself far too much and knew I wanted to use the images for blog headers and social media if they turned out okay (I am not photogenic at all). After being pleasantly surprised by the outcome, excluding that dreadful blonde bobble.. ew, I threw them straight into a post to share with you guys.
Behind the scenes looked a little like this..
I had to take the images myself using a Bluetooth controller, following Gino’s instructions – he knew what he wanted from each individual and my photo’s have a clear statement of ‘I think i’m sassy with my leather jacket and heavy watch, but i’m innocent really’ ACCURATE.
If I had the qualities to become a model, I wouldn’t hesitate. I was completely at ease and felt comfortable throughout the process. Roll on January.

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