Vintage Shopping

Spending a day with our little Moletti Bunny is always going to put a smile on my face. We often have a wonder around the little shops in town and end up shooting a photo session in the parks, along with seeing some disgraceful sights.. (Personal joke with Mol, you’d all feel sick if we shared our experience)

For this day, even putting on makeup in my room was making me flustered so I knew a coat wasn’t necessary. A coat will always be a statement to an outfit, so picking clothes that speak for themselves can be tough.

T – Shirt – Primark £2.50
Dungarees – Urban Outfitters £15 (I paid £13.50)
Tights – Primark £3 (for 5 pairs)
Boots – Primark £18
Backpack – New Look £19.99
Bangle – A good luck present from my Aunt ♡

I opted for the grey denim dungarees that I recently purchased from Urban Outfitters, from £56 to £15, THEN a further 10% off for Students.. I know. Thank me later. I was stupidly paranoid about my size, and was so close to changing into an all black from head to toe but I stuck with my guns and actually got complimented a few times too.. *blush*. To try and prevent me from vomiting every time I saw my legs in a reflection, I threw on some thick skin coloured tights to blur out any imperfections and stomped around in my bulky boots.
Sunny 2

Being a cheap and cheerful student, I am forever buying plain Primark T-Shirts (typically men’s, as the looser fit is far more comfortable and easy to layer!) I was evidently feeling maroon, as I kept it consistent throughout my lips and eyeliner too. Through camera I look puffy eye’d and potentially ‘high’, but I can assure you I was not; and this also wasn’t the case up in person!

SunnyFull bodyTunnelFace ShotFace Shot 2

Eyeliner in Berry Wine – MUA £1 
Lipstick in Persian Plum – MUA £1.50 

Full body 2

I always find myself dragging friend’s to the Re:So Shop hidden away in the Marland’s! I think it’s the sickest shop, and everything I love from interior to the actual product being sold. I admire these students for running the business and keeping up with their career, I can definitely see myself working in such a cool place. 

ReSo 1ReSo 2ReSo 3
(My head peeking through the mirror.. Excellent blogging skills)
 ReSo 6ReSo 5
(I am able to access any business cards if interested, there are different sections to the store that belong to different students and their little independent set up’s)

We didn’t end up purchasing anything for ourselves from our stroll around, therefore a haul won’t be included, but I hoped you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it!
Thank You ♡


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