Little Life Update

Having coped four weeks away from home, I think i’m content enough to write about my experience of University so far.
If, like me, you’re way too attached to your parents, then of course it’s going to be an absolute roller coaster of a journey but knuckling down on your assignments soon passes the time away.
I haven’t visited home as of yet, and my first trip back will be for my Mum’s birthday in just over a week (Couldn’t be more nervous and excited!). The thought of driving through a three and a half hour journey by myself is eating me alive, but the people waiting at the other end will make up for that con!
I’m also dreading the tears, and emotional talk that will be constant over the long weekend that i’ll be spending in the Midlands. I can imagine it will only make me want to avoid University altogether.
And, of course, those goodbyes! I’ll never be good at those, but you have to do what you have to do.
Think of that degree Chloe; think of that magazine spread that has your name underneath. Reminding myself every day that i’m doing this to better myself and to make my Old’ man proud.
I pushed aside any expectations that I had for Southampton, to prevent disappointment. Having done this, I am way too pleased with the outcome. Living in halls can be a pain up the backside sometimes for obvious reasons, too loud when you need sleep, people not washing up their plates until they run out of places to eat their food from and the friction that can be caused when two people disagree on one thing. But don’t let that fool you! I went to work for just 4.5 hours and already missed my flat mates. I head straight to the door across the corridor from me the minute I feel doubt, or loneliness. I wake up to notes under my door to make me smile, or encourage me to continue in what i’m doing. If it wasn’t for this annoying group of divs, I wouldn’t leave my bed. (Warning – Soppy content throughout).
Food. Garlic Bread. Pasta. Cheese.
Seem’s so typical of a student, but honestly you look forward to eating a bowl of creamy carbs at the end of a days work. Also, going home to your Mum’s home made pie and chips will be so much more appreciated. If you’re reading this Mum, just 8 days and i’ll be expecting to smell pastry! (Thank you & love you in advance).
Nagging my brother for our printer from home for three weeks got tedious in the end. So I took the plunge last night and invested in my own. I am the kind of person that would need to have a talk to myself after spending over £15 on one shopping trip! Budget is my middle name. So after calling up my parents, and grandparents, and even got my flat mates advice, I finally ended up splashing out at 1:20 AM (the printer was only £30 anyway.. Bargain if you were to ask a normal person, or a person not obsessed with saving their dough).
The work load in itself, I do genuinely enjoy. So far I’ve had tasks including magazine spreads; photo shoots (me being the model, AH!); moods boards and blog posts!
I am yet to publish my work onto my blog, and still awaiting on the finalized images from my Photography tutor.

This may seem a doddle, but that’s in-between the major pile of essay questions and research folders that need completing too. I’m sure i’ll end up sick of seeing my laptop screen, but as of now, i’m doing good.
I’ll leave it here, as I have nothing else that springs to mind to update you guys on. I can cover any topics about University in more detail if it is requested. Tweet me – @Ch1oeleigh.
(Whatever doubt I feel, I refuse to give up! One day I will be Alexa Chung..)  ♡


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