Final production.

Making a collection is much more complicated than what is first explained to a fashion student. Nobody mentioned the blood (literally), sweat and tears that would stream down our foreheads day in day out. Nobody mentioned that we would be bickering over pointless things and snap at one another for no reason. But nobody also mentioned that all of that contributed into the most solid friendship bonds, and best of all – a stunning collection to show to all at the end of the year!

(We did it girls! And I couldn’t be more proud of us).
Thank you so much to my two lovely models and extremely beautiful colleagues that I get to see more than enough! And thank you to my boyfriend for putting up with my break downs and panics, and supporting me through it. Lastly, thank you to my Grandad for being a part of it all. I do it all for you; and only to make you proud. Love you.

I am completely and utterly heartbroken that I’ve completed my College Course but University is my next stop, and I’m not going to stop until I am Alexa Chung.





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