September Wishlist

In order to prevent me from spending all of my wages all at once (which is extremely difficult to control!) I have to make lists in advance as a guide. 
1. Fitbug – anyone who follows me on any social media or has the disadvantage of knowing me in real life will know that I am completely fascinated by health and well being. I have wanted to be able to track my progress for some time and did keep peeking at the Polar Watches whenever I was in a sports shop but the idea of everyone knowing your achievements (or failures) really kind of put me off. I searched for something that was completely personal and private and only shared if I wanted to share, which is when I found the FitBug! Such a brilliant device that gives you all your information on a App. Smart! The one I have been drooling over is the FitBug Orb and retails at £49.95
2. Colour Me Good Girl Crush – Why would you not want to colour in beautiful women to relive your childhood in a more acceptable way?.. Colour Me Good have a range of colouring books for adults, Kate Moss has an entire book dedicated to her and then we have the book of gingers! Ed Sheeran and Prince Harry? Yes Please! £8.65
3. Shut up and Train Leggings – Not much has to be said for this product, it’s genius and I need it. You can find so many varieties of clothing on but these leggings in particular are my favorite item. The £25.95 price point is a little steep but Nike are just as expensive!
4. Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Lacquer in Stella – Most of the outrageous shades that everyone else manages to rock just looks limp and lifeless on me and kind of makes me feel like I should be performing tricks at a Circus, but when I sampled this it was basically love and who am I to decline love? The Apocalips have such a long lasting staying power and the colours are really pigmented. They don’t feel sticky or tacky on your lips and dry without smearing all over your face – BONUS!
5. Lunch Box – Obviously a lunch box is crucial for September time and there’s no need for me the explain the purpose of this being on my Wish List.. And clearly I have to buy Hello Kitty.. Clearly..
6. Chelsea Boots – So obsessed with this trend throughout Autumn and Winter. I am a complete boot lover and think it’s looks so classic and timeless with any outfit! Each year I hunt for the perfect winter boot and I found exactly what I was looking for! Simple gold detail and not too high but definitely not flat to the ground. These were from River Island but I can’t find them on the website <////3
7. London Fashion Week Tickets – Ahhhhh the excitement I would have if I was attending!!!!!
I’m absolutely definitely 100% going next year, try stopping me.
8. Tiny Tea – I had a 28 Day Detox for my birthday (March) and I really enjoyed it, the benefits were incredible, so much energy; my skin cleared up wonderfully; I did actually lose weight through this tea which is hard for some people to believe and it had no laxative side effects. The taste was kind of rank but I sliced up fresh lemon and popped that in and it was miles better! The shipping was a little crazy when I ordered mine and I basically paid £30 for some tea bags.. but they gave me a discount code for my second purchase as I ranted on Twitter haha! Top Tip! However, the shipping to the UK is absolutely free now which is delightfulllllllllll. £20
9. Raw Organic Cacao Powder – This stuff is perfect for baking sweet treats and still being perfectly clean and healthy! Protein balls, peanut butter cups, smoothies.. the list is endless. £6.99

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