2022 – Where are we now?

As an almost 25-year-old woman living alone in a little new build house, with a little dog, in a little place called Wednesbury, a lot has changed since I lasted posted on here.

So, what has happened and where are we now?

I graduated from University in 2018 with a degree in Fashion Journalism and moved to London to enrol on the most incredible internship at Fabulous Magazine for The Sun. (I know what you’re thinking but I learned a lot and met some truly incredible people that I now call my lifelong friends). After assisting on celebrity photoshoots and running around London collecting and dropping off PR samples from huge fashion houses, I moved back home to start a career and build an ‘adult’ life for myself.

Within 2 weeks, I had bagged myself a full-time copywriting role in a Birmingham based agency and was, of course, over the moon. All of my uni friends were still celebrating the end of an era and here I was kitting out my new pencil case with the finest inky pens ready for my next chapter of grown-up life. It’s safe to say this was an experience, and any of my lovely colleagues I worked alongside will know exactly what I mean (but this is a positive space so I’ll move on!). On a brighter note, my managers become best friends, my co-workers became family – we were all so close, and some of us still are. Tough environments really do create friendships for life.

Fast forward 4 years and we’ve landed in the present day, where I work in Tech from my spare bedroom/office/dressing room/safe space and spend 5 days a week working on digital marketing and content creation. When I do go into the office on a Tuesday, I am forever grateful for the gorgeous 18th century converted church I get to work in, as it really is breathtaking.

I’ve been living in my own home for 16 months, I’ve been a dog-mum for about a year, I’ve been a girlfriend for 248 days and a Marketeer for half a decade, and it’s safe to say I’ve never been happier.

So, that’s where I am now. But where am I going next?

You will have to stay tuned for my 5-year plan… (which hopefully includes a big rock…).

Totally kidding. 🙄


Amsterdam City Break

I had a spontaneous night clicking away on Booking.Com and within half an hour, I was squealing with excitement for a four-day adventure in the Netherlands (which always reminds me of Never Never Land, oh Peter Pan …).


3AM on Monday the 15th of May,  I was heading to Birmingham Airport (thanks for driving us, stepdad, you’re great!), and I was filled with both excitement and anxiety – it was my first time flying without parents but I knew if I kept my cool and Google’d everything I’d be sound as a pound.

On day one, I checked into a beautiful apartment and explored the neighbourhood I was staying in. The streets were filled with quirky, clean cut and exclusive businesses, from coffee shops (none herbal) to fashion design offices that I long to work in and incredible clothing stores that had UO vibe throughout. Each shop I went into, I was taken back by the interior, I wanted to set up camp in every corner of the room, they were incredible.


Later, I landed in the centre of the city to try some crepes, walk along the canals, and obviously see what the Red Light District was about. Erm.. interesting. I haven’t nervously giggled so much in my life.


Obviously, I have no photos from that experience, and rightly so, a woman was soaked with water and sworn at for snapping the exposed ladies, I’m not risking that. That night I also brought tickets to the ‘Sex Museum’, which was more educating that I anticipated. I was surprised at the age ranges in the images too, boy that’s one large gap. My Grandad loves the photo of me sat on the massive… structure, think’s it’s hilarious, “two dicks in one photo.”


A recommendation for you, Bagels and Beans was the cutest stop off for breakfast, I wish I could stop thinking about those warm cinnamon bites of carbs, but I can’t. Oh and the fresh orange juice! Most supermarkets in Amsterdam offer a juicing machine, I expected the prices to be extortionate, but I was stand corrected.

The Heineken Brewery is a must! I thought I’d be bored out of my mind, as this wasn’t on my list of things to see… but I was pleasantly entertained and soon was swaying from my half a pint. Anne Frank House is an obvious choice of sightseeing, I came out feeling so grateful and appreciative, also a little spooked out but I did just spend the last hour in a locked away attic. (More interesting than that sounds haha).

I was told by so many people that a canal tour from the water itself was the best way to see Amsterdam, I was also told by those same people to get myself into The Bull Dog but that’s for another story time. An audio was provided on the boat to teach you all there was to know about the city, now I understand why all the houses are leaning to the side!


I took €350, and I spent it all, I would have been fine with less if I was clever enough to check the forecast before flying out (stupid move), having to buy shorts and dresses set me back but that’s my own bloody fault. I never got the chance to hire out a bike, but on my next visit, I absolutely will. Lastly, I recommend buying a three-day travel pass once you hit the Airport / Train Station over there, it’s about €26 and was a life saver when my legs couldn’t carry me anymore. I can’t stop thinking about this dreamy little break and I’ll count down the days until I step back on a Dutch airline. I will see you soon Amsterdam!

All my love,

Chlo x

The Spark Grand Opening at Solent

Solent Southampton University opened their new project, ‘The Spark’, with Prosecco and canapés to their guests before showing us into the seating area and the sculpture itself. My plus one and I were at the event with @SouthamptonBloggers and are truly grateful to have been invited to such a perfect evening. We were seated to designated tables, unfortunately we were split from the other lovely bloggers, but the miniature picnic bench filled with starters and fresh bread definitely made up for this factor. (Also not forgetting the endless amounts of wine..)


The Spark itself will be used as lecture rooms and the space around it provides more class rooms and working areas for students to sit independently, with sockets for laptops and USB ports for that low iPhone battery life, because you keep testing out the new Snapchat filters rather than listening to your tutor talking *guilty*. For this evening only, the classrooms were packed with activities and tasty treats! Imagine having a glass of wine in one hand and a pick & mix in the other, I was living the life I tell you! (May also confess that I’m currently chomping on that same bag of Pick & Mix as I type this, but that’s between us). I managed to try Bubble Tea for the first time and am still to make up my mind whether I actually liked it or not, it’s just a bit weird and pointless, I don’t see why you even need squishy balls to pop in your mouth? Dirty minded!


My rosé was soaked up with a gorgeous main course of citrus chicken with an avocado and beetroot salad, followed by a raspberry; vanilla and white chocolate mouse. The food was inspired by their own Summer and Gala Dinner Menu, meaning these delicious meals are available beyond this night. I would like to brag that ‘Gordon Ramsey’ was also enjoying the cuisine and a few seats away from me may I add. He could have gone and helped the chefs!


(Isn’t he just the spitting image?! Wonderful impersonator)

Jarrod, Charlotte and I giggled the entire night away whilst exploring the cocktail bars and chatting about all things Solent related, as we are so thrilled to be involved in such an impressive and outstanding University.


My dress is from a charity shop back in The Midlands called New Life, my gorgeous brown heels are an Asos gem and the mini black bag is Matalan.


Thank you so much for reading.

All my love, Chlo x



Superdrug Haul

Collection Illuminating Touch Foundation

I kept seeing positive reviews on this product, and would often walk past the makeup stand eyeing it up, without even realising. A few weeks ago I was drawn in with a bright red promotion poster, saying this foundation was now being sold at £3.99! Crazy right? So I thought it would be the perfect time to trial it out, as the bank was definitely not broken. I picked up the shade Ivory 2 and was concerned that it was a little too dark when I applied it for the first time, but with some bronzer around the jaw line; I managed to make it work. From the few times I’ve used this foundation, I can tell I’m going to love it more each use I get. The formula isn’t too rich, making it easy to blend and also adds a dewy glow to the skin. The coverage is medium, but would only need a small amount of added product to build a full coverage base. It’s super long lasting, finding that the longer I wore it, the better it looked. By the time it came to taking my makeup off at the end of the day, my skin / foundation looked that nice that I was gutted to remove it. Lastly, the bottle has a frosted glass finish to it which gives a luxurious touch the the appearance.


Sleek Matte Me Liquid Lipstick

I’m trying my best to step out of my comfort zone with makeup recently (probably noticeable with my last haul, where I purchased a pastel pink eyeliner.. mega cute though). So when I saw Zoella unbox these Sleek Matte Me Liquid Lipsticks I knew I had to swatch them for myself. The colours I really loved were the nude shades, particularly ‘Shabby Chic’ and will 100% be purchasing that one when I have the chance, but I thought this bright shade would be perfect for summer days.. and I was so right. The pigmentation is crazily high and applies quite liquidy, but dries completely matte. I got so many compliments when wearing this lip product that I just kept applying it over and over (not necessary at all). After applying it a few too many times throughout the day I noticed that it came away from the inside of my lips, leaving just a lip liner mark around the edge. I laughed about it with my friend at the time, but definitely learned my lesson to not be too heavy with this one.


Maybeline Colour Tattoo’s

I have had two of these little pots of joy since they were first released, use them within my daily makeup routine and have hardly made a dent; so why on earth have I not invested in more shades? This was the question I was annoying myself with as I was vigerously digging through the testers in Superdrug. In the end, I picked up a true nude shade titled ‘Creme De Rose’ to cancel out any discolouration on my lids and to create a perfect even base. I also picked up ‘On and on Bronze’, which is a gorgeous copper shade with a subtle shimmer to it. I thought a bronzed eye makeup look would compliment the bold lips I’ve been testing out, and can say I am obsessed with the outcome. I’m thinking of doing a makeup look on my blog, which will features these Maybelline Colour Tattoo’s – if you would like to see that then please do let me know. I’ve never done a post like this so would be fun to experiment and see what I can come up with.


Skyler Silver Anklet

Okay, admittedly this is not from Superdrug. However, I did purchase it on the same day and felt it was far too pretty not to photograph, especially against the bright purple tissue paper it was wrapped in. I was on the hunt for a chunkier anklet as my dainty one that I adored snapped whilst I was sleeping *cries*. I figured if it snapped that easily, I’m in need of a more fool proof size. This one was £6 and falls beautifully around my ankle. The silver circles droop below the angled squares, and don’t make a jingling sound when I walk – bonus! When I’m sat down, this does dig into my skin, but all is forgiven because it’s just so sweet when it’s on. Yes I am that 19 year old that wears jewellery around her ankle and I’m perfectly okay with this.


Thank you so much for reading this blog post, and sticking it out until the end. Feel free to leave a comment on what your favourite product from this haul is, I’d love to know what you think.

Speak to you soon,

Chloé x

NYX Haul and First Impressions

Of course I didn’t hunt down a NYX stand the moment I came into my first months wages.. absolutely not, no. When I knew I just had a few more days until my hard work had paid off in my new employment, I thought there was no better way to celebrate than to have a full wish list at the ready. My list practically evaporated when I saw the NYX stand literally glowing in the centre of a local Boots store (Merry Hill, for you Midlanders) and I grabbed whatever I felt I needed in my life. Of course I needed a pastel pink eye liner.. dur.


Vivid Brights Eyeliner

This colour is something else. I just want to own everything in this pastel pink shade, I need to own everything in this pastel pink shade. However, this actual product didn’t impress me once I had it on my face. The formula is super drying and cracks as soon as the product has settled on your skin. The pigmentation is intense (positive), and I’m yet to spot anything similar for such an affordable price, £5.50, so I will continue to work with it. Also, this isn’t going to be an everyday product for most people so these downfalls may be pushed aside for an epic festival or girly night time look. I picked up a light pink shade in the colour ‘Petal’, but they do have a bright and bold variety in the collection.


Tinted Brow Mascara 

IN LOVE. I have the shade ‘Chocolate‘ and have recently made this my go to product. If i’m just popping to the shop or spending my day travelling, I put a tinted moisturiser on with this brow product and I’m out the door. It’s so simple, and affordable too at £5.50. The packaging describes the aftermath perfectly, as it fills in all your sparse areas without looking unnatural or uneven.


Stay Matt but not flat Liquid Foundation

Meh. This foundation claims to be full coverage but I definitely had to build it up a little more than I would have liked to. The formula isn’t fantastic, and feels kind of ‘cheap’ on my face. You know those brands that you just don’t expect fantastic results from in the ‘bases’ category? Well that’s what it felt like. Then again, after a while I completely forgot I had product on my face, confirming it’s super lightweight and comfortable to wear once set. I definitely think I have to test out this foundation again with different primers, and maybe cut the powder from the routine, but for now I’m not reaching for it first. The shade I picked up (Creamy Natural) matches perfectly to my skin tone, I have a talent in doing this you know.. I never fail. However, I don’t want to label this as a ‘disappointing foundation’ because I know that I need to be stubborn in finding complimenting products to work along side it. Again, this foundation is super cheap at £6.00, therefore not complaining.


Above & Beyond Full Coverage

The small tub says “Full Coverage”, and I do definitely half agree with that! The concealer covers my blemishes when applied directly onto them, but then when blended out to avoid harsh lines and obvious patches it does fade a considerable amount. I have contemplated applying it underneath my foundation without dabbing out the excess product but am still to attempt this technique (If you have any suggestions or tips for me to try out please recommend them in the comments below). I have been loving it to sculpt out my eyebrows however, and to correct any redness near my nose and under my eyes. The consistently changes for me, in the pot it’s fairly bouncy, then on the brush its a little more oily, and once applied to the face it’s slightly drying. Strange huh? At £5.50 this concealer (in the shade CJ02 Fair) is a tad pricier than my Holy grail Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer, and personally wouldn’t repurchase it for a second time.


If you have any NYX recommendations then please do let me know! I’m having way too much fun browsing and testing out an unfamiliar brand (and potentially splurging on way too much makeup in general). I love to hear your feedback and compare opinions.

Also, there is a newly installed NYX stand at Bentley Bridge and Wolverhampton Boots if you are local to the Walsall area. I know I have readers back home that have been waiting a while to get their hands on some pieces. GO CRAZY!

Thank you so much for reading,

Chloé x


In The Frow Charity Event

I took my two lovely ladies to a cat walk show in the middle of April to try and distract us from our endless studies, for one night. We had heard that a handful of our course friends were modelling in the show and would be rocking some seriously stunning clothes, and had further heard that the beautiful Sarah Ashcroft had travelled to Southampton to present the entire evening! I didn’t get my hopes up as I thought that the possibility of actually meeting her was ridiculous, however, we did.. and she was truly the most lovely and genuine person. We chatted as if we were old friends catching up and to see one of your motivations in the flesh is breath taking. I can assure you I was absolutely not fan girling all night .. *rolls eyes in denial*.


The show consisted of collections that were both jewellery and clothing, which was refreshing to see as I’d never witnessed a jewellery show before this. The 2 for 1 cocktails were highly appreciated too, even though I definitely picked the wrong drink (some sort of sour strawberry concoction..). My good friend Safia had the most insane cream liquor, that I happily sipped away at in between the free Prosecco and nibbles of popcorn from the goody bag.


My favourite collection was from a talented young designer named Mimi Schofield, with her clothing brand titled appropriately (and very cutely) as Mimi & Bow. On their website you can see the beautiful coats that she sells, with Sarah Ashcroft shining on their home page (and sporting one in the photo below too). I was lusting after these coats throughout the entire show, especially after seeing a friend (HEY BENIE YOU ANGEL) slaying the garment with a body con dress and heels. I never even imagined I would actually win one for my very own that evening. I’m ridiculously grateful to have won the give away, and to have met the designers. The entire event was truly beautiful and honoured to the loveliest family to raise money for both Momentum Charity and CF Trust.


(She actually had to bend down and make herself seem far shorter than she is, because I’m embarrassing small..). I also definitely need to step up my makeup game.. How does she manage that glow?! *heads over to her YouTube channel to watch her tutorials back to back*

Thank you so so much for reading, I know I have been completely MIA for a handful of months but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Keep yourselves safe.

Speak soon,

Chloé x

Birthday Haul : Beauty

So I had the most incredible birthday back in The Midlands and I couldn’t be more grateful for everything I received. Thank you all so much!

I celebrated my birthday with food, shopping, facials, a hair revamp and obviously more food. Perfect right? I managed to get all my family together on the same night (even my little unsociable brother, crazy) and spent my time taking in everybody’s conversation and it was just magical.

So without rambling too much more, here is the beauty addition to this haul – part one of three.


Revolution Palette

Isn’t this just so beautiful?! My good friend Molly kindly gifted me this, along with the MUA nail varnish and lipstick (thanks doll <3) . I’m yet to trial this beauty but I can already tell how much I’m going to love it, the shades are right up my street as I stick to as many neutrals as I possibly can. This particular palette is called ‘Redemption Palette Iconic 3’ and it reminds me a lot of the Urban Decay Naked 3 for sure. There’s seven super shimmery shades, two with subtle highlighted tones and three completely matte shadows.


Ciaté Nail Varnish

This adorable nude / pink shade is called Maybe Baby 148 and I couldn’t be more in love. Funny story, I actually threw this polish away without realizing so went shopping and brought a similar shade as I knew I wanted to add the perfect nude to my collection. Later snapped a photo to the present giver and her reply was “where’s my nail varnish?!” so of course she had me digging in the huge outdoor bins with a pair of rubber gloves! Shout out to Safia haha. Thank you my darling.

I’ve only heard excellent things about this nail company and cannot wait to try it out (once the current nude has fully worn off oops ..)


Models Own Nail Varnish

As I do have this varnish on, I can write a mini review. First off, the colour is stunning, the shade is Midsummer Mauve and I knew I’d be addicted as soon as I spotted it at the counter. However, the ‘gel effect’ that is meant to be given isn’t very obvious at all and the lasting power isn’t fabulous – it chipped the very day of application. I applied this varnish at a photo shoot around 10:30AM, by the time I was doing my night time routine.. chipped! The brush is so so nice to apply it with though, I must admit it was super quick and easy, not to mention rather enjoyable.


Kiko Long Lasting Stick

This claims to have 8 hours of no transfer pigmentation and I can confirm that this is true. I have been given so many compliments on this product and it’s crazy because I literally slick it over my lids, dab it in a little to soften any harsh lines and head out the door. I grabbed the shade 07 and it’s the most stunning champagne colour with plenty of shimmer. I’ve been ending my days around midnight recently and it’s still been in place to the point where i’m remorseful that it will be wiped away soon. Highly recommend!


Kiko Face Make Up Fixer

I picked this up as I was advised to test out more Kiko products and thought this was a good buy for £8.60. I have used this a few times and noticed a longer lasting makeup look throughout my busy schedule but I just find it really odd to spray onto my face. It doesn’t smell too pleasant, however I’m not utterly offended by the scent as it lasts a minute or so and then evaporates. The texture of the spray is also peculiar as it’s more of a mist, rather than a wet spray, and I know this is a good aspect but the concept is still a little strange to me after the Urban Decay Setting Spray. I also had a whole week without breakouts and now have received a handful of hefty blemishes but I’m not pointing the blame yet, as I’ve tested out a few new products recently.


Revlon Ultra Volume Mascara

On my first trial of this, I absolutely hated it and was just thankful I got it through promotion at £6 in Boots. Now, a week on, I looooooove the stuff. I’m presuming it’s because I didn’t curl my lashes before hand, and that will always set back your mascara as a whole. To sum up, love it, recommend, 4 stars from me. ****


Revolution Ultra Sculpt Blush Makeup Brush

I brought this purposely for the Revolution Golden Sugar Blush palette that I absolutely adore but couldn’t find a brush in my collection that was compact enough to fit into the pan and not pick up another shade from the side! I found the perfect one. I must say this is so visually pleasing, the rose gold finish and crystal white fibers are very Instagram friendly. The brush itself is insanely soft and so easy to use to apply product. No hairs have fallen out of the base but I am yet to wash it, so i’ll keep you posted if this occurs. Also for a whole £8.99, it’s so worth it.


MUA Nail Varnish

Another nail varnish! I think my friends are trying to tell me I need to scrub up better. This bold summer shade in ‘Bright Coral’ is perfect for the tanned hands and beautiful sunset kind of days. I can imagine myself on holiday at the pool side drinking a cocktail with this varnish on, it reminds me of abroad and makes me want to book a flight to the Maldives (if only).


Revolution Lipstick 


Lastly, but not least, I have my final gift! It’s more pink in real life, and named ‘Devine’. I would have never picked this up for myself and have definitely surprised myself when I applied it and genuinely liked how it sat on my lips. Typically I would stay clear of pink products, but have been really feeling it lately so grateful to have oftener this beauty. It has a glossy finish and isn’t highly pigmented at all, but I like that! It adds a super petty ‘girl next door’ vibe to your look which everyone admires.

The products that weren’t gifted by friends, were picked by myself during a shopping trip with my insane partner. Which is why I have included some prices. So thank you George! I appreciate everything you do for me and am grateful / surprised you put up with me for the entire day in and out the same shop multiple times.. HE HE. I haven’t researched the other product prices out of respect for my lovely present givers, and I hope you all understand this. ❤

Speak to you soon,

Love Chlo x

Daylight Photography

For my Photography unit during University, we have been given an assignment based around Bowie – giving a tribute to his memory.

I partnered up with my wonderful friend Molly, and headed to the studios to shoot a daylight styled portrait that was suitable for my chosen publication. Molly also captured some images that I modeled for with i-D in mind for the final production. The feedback we were given from our tutor was taken on board and noted down, ready for our final images to be captured. He went through the angles that we had chosen, admittedly, we didn’t plan this aspect too well as the photos would only be suitable to cover the magazine, and not for a feature inside. Our tutor, Gino, also spoke about the use of colour within the setting and the emphasized structure of my models face through glitter pens. I thought this may have disappointed Gino but he was actually really thrilled with what I had created. (AH Phew..)

These aren’t my final images, but will be going into my research and work book for development analysis and now I can’t wait to put my latest tips and tricks into good use.

Natural shots

Styled Shots

With permission, I have inserted the images that Molly took, as she deserves tonnes of praise. Its very rare to make my face look somewhat acceptable but I’m definitely not afraid to say that she hit the nail right on the head.

chloe &amp; molly0472chloe &amp; molly0446chloe &amp; molly0474chloe &amp; molly0485chloe &amp; molly0495chloe &amp; molly0488chloe &amp; molly0491

Thank you for reading,

Love Chlo x

Radiance Glow

After receiving the most insane and heart warming feedback from my Makeup Revolution Blush Palette review, I thought I’d throw one more into the mix (and two others to land soon enough). Clearly I’ve been loving Revolution too much.. haha. What harm can this truly stunning highlighter trio do to ones blog? Nothing!

IMG_4488IMG_4492IMG_4508 lablled

When I opened this Radiance beauty in Superdrug, I knew there was no way I could leave it behind. I do love a good illuminated makeup look if I say so myself, and for £8 I wasn’t breaking the bank either.

The left shade is more my skin tone, therefore the most subtle of all when applied to my face as the colour pay off is too similar to make a drastic difference. I use this when I’m trying to achieve that natural and healthy glow during my everyday look. The texture is quite powdery but easily blended, showing no signs of harsh edges.


The middle shade is the lightest, with a champagne undertone – which I personally love the greatest. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t go overboard with my highlighting (is that even a thing?..) but i’m totally okay with it. This shade allows me to load on the colour without it looking bizarre, don’t get me wrong, you can tell i’m a complete fraud and clearly haven’t been soaking up the vitamin D in Ibiza, but it’s also evident I’ve not rubbed my face in a shimmering pile of powder too. It catches the light beautifully and I know I’ll be using this until the pan is empty.


Lastly, the bronzed shade! Unfortunately this is too dark for me – but you can’t win them all. I have, however, used this as an eye shadow and loved it! I combined a cream (for base) and a dark grey in the crease, with the golden shade packed onto the lid for a shoot and was complimented by the photographer as soon as we met up. Winning. For a night time look, I can see myself experimenting with this, but I do recommend it more for darker skin tone.

IMG_4502IMG_4505 labelled

The brush that I use to apply the product is the Real Techniques Duo Fibre Limited Edition Face Brush (can only be purchased in a set of three). I did want to invest in the Fan Brush but again, it’s a pack of three and don’t particularly need the other items. If you have any suggestions or feedback, do let me know! I love testing out new products.

Thank you for reading,

Speak soon, Chlo x